I need a host for a quad optic

I'd like to build an RGBW light with a quad optic. The options for the optic are 23mm, 25mm or 35mm with a 23mm sink pad.

It would be better if the host light doesn't have a deep reflector, as it would be a waste of space with the low profile quad optic.

Thanks for any direction you can point me to.

Supfire A6-T6 or Uniquefire C108S will fit the quad optics.

Which size optic, and do they fit snug…like the original lens?


I think it’s these Carclo optics:


Also, when I used the C108S, I think I had to make a filler piece (not sure though).

Here’s an older thread about quad hosts:


I’m looking for something that fits the Khatod optics . They have to fit the Luxeon rebel quad sink pad. I’d also prefer a light that fits the optic without a shim. Same size as the stock lens.

It would be best to get with FrankenDale (DB Custom). He would know what quad fits in what host. I think they will all need a spacer underneath but he will surely know better.

I’m not worried about a spacer for the extra hight, it’s mostly the the circumference I don’t feel like dealing with.