I need a small 14500 (open to others) light with a strong magnet to use at work

I work in a factory. We get covered and drenched in coolant and oil sometimes so water proof would be nice. I also need to attach the light to the steel machines we work on so it needs a strong magnet. I see the Lumintop EDC05C has a magnet (handy lantern light), but I’m not sure how strong it is (also can’t find where to buy it). the light isn’t used all the time, so size is more important then brightness. I don’t need anything crazy, but I don’t want to many modes where it’s going to start strobing on me by accident to often or go into a settings rest. Rechargeable would be nice

Price isn’t really a problem, but I’m looking for something that isn’t to expensive. I’m guessing if I drop any of them 12 ft onto concrete that none of them will survive all that well :slight_smile:

I’m open to suggestions

The Lumintop EDC05C looks like a nice option. Here’s another one to consider, though maybe not any better: Olight Perun Mini. It has a tail magnet and the light is short and lightweight, so it shouldn’t need a very strong magnet to stay attached well.

As many other headlamps, Perun Mini has a wide hotspot beam, which should be great for close up work, but bad for seeing far away. Looks like EDC05C could perhaps make an even wider beam though. Nice thing about right angle lights is that you can rotate the light around (360 degrees in one plane) to adjust where it points at, when it is attached somewhere by the tail magnet. The tint is cool white with I suppose only 70 CRI. EDC05C could have a nicer tint with its neutral white Nichia E17A side emitters.

Nice thing about Perun Mini is the easy to use magnetic charger, so you can snap it into the charger with one hand after a workday. If there is steel dust where you work, the light’s magnet may collect it, but i guess it could be cleaned easily by blowing it with compressed air. The battery is a 16340 size, but is a proprietary Olight design, so other 16340 will not be able to charge inside the light with the included magnetic charger, which is good to be aware of.

I have several magnetic tail lights and the Wuben C5 (in a 14500) is my favorite. AND the magnet is very strong compared to my others. But has a weird USB charging battery (works, but would rather have the plug on the light Vs. battery). But it runs fine on other 14500s too. Just have to pull the battery to charge it.

The Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 can be found with a magnetic tail cap, and can utilize a 14500, as well as AA.
Usually $20-$25.

Just got a Wuben E05 that was almost half-price, quite nice. The included 14500 also has built-in charging, too.

Works nicely with an alkaleak in a pinch, too.

I fancy the Thrunite T10 II. Nice magnet, runs 14500 or AA, small size. Only thing I don’t love about the light is battery life… any meaningful amount of use and I’m changing batteries. Not a big deal but they always die when you need them not to… I’d look at stepping up to 18650 if it’s possible (carry size wise). Can’t be a tail switch bc of magnet, so maybe a d4v2? Or maybe sofirn or convoy have An option. I’m less versed with them then I am emisar or astrolux.

I’m a fan of cheap headlamps with a magnet glued on one end .

For about 3 years or more I’ve had a boruit r2 with a magnet attached to the side of my range hood over the stove . Mom has another floating around her house as well . I’d opt for the boruit d-10 and consider it an upgrade but at 10-12$ who’s kidding who. Having a headlamp that can snap in and out of it’s holder is handier than you’d think . Actually i headlamp is probably the most important light you’ll own apart from a keychain light. The D-10 is a must have light imho

is it tough enough? Idk that any light really wants to be covered in oil or be soaking wet all the time but it’s cheap enough and the usb hidden under the threads would be a plus in these circumstances

As you set Lumintop EDC05C as an example, so I guess that you might consider some right-angle flashlights as follow:

- Manker E03H II (600 lumens, uses single AA/ 14500 battery)

- Fenix LD15R (500 lumens, uses 16340 battery)

- Wurkkos HD20 (dual LED, USB type C on board charging, uses 21700 battery)

- Sofirn SP40 (1200 lumens, USB on board charging, uses 18350/ 18650 battery)

- Lumintop HL03 (2800 lumens, uses 18650 battery)

  • Astrolux HL01 (1200 lumens, uses 18650 battery, on board charging with USB type C)

If you consider more on weight and size, choose the AA/ 14500 size, but if you consider more on runtime, choose the 18650/ 21700 size. Please note that on board charging flashlight only put rubber cap on its charging port, which might be dangerous if expose by liquid. I hope this helps you.

Olight S2R II.
Barely bigger (if at all) than a 14500 light, ticks all your boxes, including magnetic charging; comes with a 3200mAh battery. Not sure what your budget is, they are regularly discounted at around $50.

Or if you really want it to be tiny - S1R II. Same stuff, but 16340 battery with only 550mAh. Runs 45 minutes at 300 lumens or 3h40m at 60 lumens.

I’m with LightBringer: Wuben E05. Strong magnetic tailcap and the included 14500 has USB charging. The stainless steel bezel will at least help the head from getting dinged up too badly when dropped. It’s a great little light.

my choice is Lumintop Tool AA 2.0

Typical flashlights "only point in one direction" when attached to a ferrous surface with their tail cap magnet.

With a right angle light (or an unconventional flashlight like the Lumintop EDC05C which has both front and side lights) you "can twist the light to change the direction the light points" which can be very useful.

I’ve just checked the Wuben E05 vs the Skilhunt M150 (v.1) and their magnets are mostly similar.

If you want few levels, with click ON/OFF, you can pick the Skilhunt M150 (v.2) which is configurable in the group mode B. You can have from 2 to 7 modes + turbo (and blinkies, through multiple clicks) !

The M150 is even smaller than the E05, it has magentic charging. Only con it has is that if you leave the indicator led ON (located in the switch), it may have some parasitic drain. At least the v.1 had it, I am not sure about the v.2 .

The Wuben E05 is very efficient in case you need to use if prolonged usage!

About impact resistance, I’ve just threw them into the air at about 1.5m and they’re working well :wink:

I mostly love my Wuben E05 - but hate the hold for off. The Skillhunt sounds intriguing.

Can confirm both the EDC05C and E05C have fairly strong magnets and are also very robust flashlights. Only slight concern would be the UI, while I understand why, I dislike the long-press to turn off.

The side lights are a nice tint of neutral white, I’d say about 4000K to my eyes. If you can get the bezel off and swap the emitter without causing damage, please let me know!

I suggest taking a look at the Armytek Tiara A1 Pro.

I like the right angle form factor for the type of use you describe, because it is easier to aim than a straight flashlight stuck to a surface by magnet. The magnet on the Tiara is very strong and can support it even with the headband attached, but it sounds like you would likely use it without the headband.

I find the user interface easy to use: One click of the button turns it on or off to the last mode used. Hold the button when on to change brightness levels. Strobe requires a quadruple click to access, and I have never accidentally activated it.

The build quality is very solid. Armytek has had a bouts with premature failures here and there that you will find comments about if you dig, but most of the time, they seem to do well. It would be one of the lights I most expect to survive a 12’ drop. The manufacturer sells directly from their website.

The biggest drawback is it is relatively large for an AA/14500 light. The Manker E03 is another AA/14500 right angle light with a magnetic tailcap that is smaller, but it might not be as rugged.

I’ve never tried the Lumintop EDC05C, but I see it is in-stock currently at illumn.com, which is a well liked flashlight retailer. The owner posts occasionally on this sub-reddit.

I also think the Lumintop Tool AA is a good choice for a basic straight flashlight. Note that the magnetic tailcap for it would replace the tailswitch, so you would turn it on/off by twisting the tailcap tight or loose. If go with this option, make sure the kit you buy includes the tailcap.

I have an EDC05C I can sell you for cheap if you want it. Just send me a PM. It does have a pretty strong magnet.

I don’t mean to hijack the thread but I just learned the M150 has a v2. Anyone with a coupon?

There was at Killzone but that was for Black Friday, so probably not. It’s worth regular price though, in my opinion.

Not so much when you already have 30+ lights :slight_smile:
Thanks anyway, I’ll follow the coupon threads.