I Need To Check Myself In For Flashlight Counseling

I just got done adding up what I have spent in the last 7 days and I have almost spent $400 on flashlights and batteries. My wife ain't happy, but she will get over it. I need to get back in control, but damn you guys when it comes to posting all these great deals on here, it's just hard for a guy to not get in on them. I blame you guys. LOL!

I know how you feel! I feel the same way! (At least my wife is a therapist.)


Well is the therapy doing any good? LOL! That's funny.

When you check in for counseling, I think you need to take rikr with you.... Laughing

Come to think of it, maybe a group buy on counseling services?

I know what you mean...honestly its not consuming my money...

But its consuming my mind - and my time. :(

Seriously I really only need one light (to walk my dog at night). And maybe a little one to put in my pocket (during the day) and thats it.

just go to an AA meeting its close enough i think right ? and

these poor women how they put up with put up with the flashlight lovitude i dont know - they will have a special place in heaven with no flashlights..

so what did you get for $400 !!

Your exactly right. So why do we keep buying these little expensive flashlights? I told myself at the 1st of the year to slow down on the lights. Well we can see how well that talk lasted in my brain. But when you got guys posting about these Dereelights and the Sunwayman V60C for $100...what's a guy to do? Hell you can't just sit back and watch all the other guys get in on these deals that you wished you would have bought. Right? I mean we are only human. I can't see passing on a great deal only to pay more later on. Hey maybe I can say I only saved money buying when I did. Yea maybe the wife will buy that one. LOL!

Rikr is beyond help. But I wished I had his collection. But I thought at least I was gaining some ground on him only to find out that I'm not. He does crack me up though talking to him on the phone about flashlights. He's just a great guy who loves flashlights.

Hell, I wish I had a small part of his collection.....

Well, I'm still in the denial stage. Actually, she doesn't even know about this new found flashlight addiction! Shhhh!!!


I hear ya. And ole rikr's collection has grown quite a bit since this picture was taken. He will be hitting 100 soon.

When a guy comes on here and post a picture like that, he's got to take the majority of the blame for others spending. Don't you agree guys?

Lets face facts, we all need professional help. Am I wrong?


I think I need someone to slap me each time I get ready to purchase another flashlight. That sort of therapy may actually do me some good if the slaps were to keep getting harder and harder each time. But who knows I may get immuned to the pain after awhile. But it would be worth a try.

Hilarious - me too !

I would go broke, otherwise.

Haha, yeah, my Dec PayPal statement just came today via email.

I just hit "Delete", I don't want to know.

I'm addicted to li-ions, AA meeting won't help :(

Skip the counseling & use the money you would have spent on it to buy MORE flashlights!

Does anyone else have thousands of flashlight pictures?

I save every pic I see into my flashlight folder.

I've tried counseling...

Both counselors quit the proffession and are now skid row bums...

Counseling doesn't help...