I see the forum is still worth $2.59 million!

I see the forum is now worth $2.59 million! That will be right!!


I also see that 1/9 of the visits are from Iran! And 1/8 from India, 1/11 from China and 1/16 from Indonesia! It also says over a million page views per day.

Somehow I doubt these figures. ;)

What sort of order of magnitude page views do you get a day Mr. Admin? Just out of interest. If that is sensitive, forget it.

I also see the server has allegedly moved from Miami, FL to Houston, TX.

I suspect that all of .cz.cc are lumped in there.

Now back to a reinstall of Windows on a customer box. Said it would be ready for 25th November 2010....

It really does have to be ready for 10 hours from now. And I'm losing money on the deal :(

Makes DX look good.

Haha cool that you found some numbers on the forum!

Wish you luck with that computer (i hate computers) but you don't have to feel alone because i'm back in the exam period so it's studying from 8 in the morning to 11 o' clock in the evening for me :(

I'm about to start lectures again. At the age of 50. And exams :(

Think the lectures start on Monday, better check soon.

Don, don't give Mr. Admin the wrong ideas. He might sell it to a domain trader and will go on a loooong vacation... for the rest of his life.

If I were Mr.Admin and believed those figures I'd be on vacation too :)

I imagine I could have fun spending a couple of million euros.

I'd really like to find out how much fun it would be.

Investing in flashlights of course.

at the moment its USD 3.3 Million according to websiteoutlook :)

Which means the value has gone up US$740,000 overnight.

I suspect websiteoutlook is somehow a survivor of the dotcom craziness of the late 90's.

Looks more like a random number generator to me. :)

"Now back to a reinstall of Windows on a customer box. Said it would be ready for 25th November 2010...."

oh c'mon, was the customer that much of a douchebag?

Actually no, he's a nice guy - a retired journalist who worked with my grandfather 50 years ago. Just that things kept getting in the way. Mostly work and snow.

Oh, i get scalped if i take more than 2 days to repair a pc.

This one looked like it might have memory/PSU issues. Ran memtest on it for two weeks, no errors.

I think that Websiteoutlook.com appraised the value of BLF by looking at the quality of the posts and the expertise and attitude of its members. ;-) Seriously, whatever they say, you guys are easily worth $3.3 Million. If I do sell it for $3 Million or above, you can all expect a dividend check in the mail. :-)

Good question, I should probably take a look at this once in a while too. Here are some raw stats, copied from two different site stats scripts that my host offers:

Summary by Month
Month Daily Avg Monthly Totals
Hits Files Pages Visits Sites KBytes Visits Pages Files Hits
Jan 2011 59911 42912 7319 1190 4666 5296910 9527 58553 343302 479293
Dec 2010 43228 34930 5419 1030 12873 14554427 31945 168003 1082853 1340071
Nov 2010 42051 31352 5030 917 10926 13931911 27536 150917 940588 1261537
Oct 2010 37766 24329 4243 700 8226 12690059 21708 131561 754202 1170754
Sep 2010 22987 16579 2401 429 838 742557 1287 7204 49739 68963
Totals 47215864 92003 516238 3170684 4320618

Monthly Statistics for December 2010
Total Hits 1340071
Total Files 1082853
Total Pages 168003
Total Visits 31945
Total KBytes 14554427
Total Unique Sites 12873
Total Unique URLs 4613
Total Unique Referrers 3518
Total Unique User Agents 1543
. Avg Max
Hits per Hour 1801 5346
Hits per Day 43228 56982
Files per Day 34930 43370
Pages per Day 5419 7817
Visits per Day 1030 1275
KBytes per Day 469498 609955

Basically, we're seeing a strong uphill trend. Lots of growth!

well its also good to know that CPF is worth only 69269 :) http://www.websiteoutlook.com/www.candlepowerforums.com

Could I get my check right now? I would like to order a flashlight and my bank account is temporary in a bad shape..

Just joking.. I mean the part with the flashlight..

If it is an intel based box try linx http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=201670.

It's a great diagnostic tool with which you can assess (with educated guessing) faults on PSU, overheating, cpu or ram. Well, the ram is probably ok as you poined out.

Beware tho, this stresses the cpu beyond the capabilities of poor coolers. Use it with hardware monitor found here http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html and backoff if things starts to be too hot for being confortable.

Now that BudgetLightForum.cz.cc has moved to BudgetLightForum.com, the forum is no longer worth USD $3.3 Million:


It's worth USD $146. On the bright side, there's no where to go but up.

Awww, I'll have to default on the payments for my private island now that they devalued the website! :D

This is a great forum.. In few days we get back to $3 million!