I think I am giving up on Dino-Direct

I tried to order from them but the checkout process is so crazy that it is almost impossible. I put about 15 items in my cart and applied the coupon I had. It took it at first and the. Cleaned out my cart! Empty cart and could not compleat sale. I have tried to use that coupon again but I guess it only “works” once even though i never actually got to use it. I have talked to CS but they just lie and blow you off. One person told me they were going to email me and provide a record of the conversation we had. Never happened.
DD has some good prices but it isn’t worth the hassle to save a few bucks. Manafront seems much better.

Well I ordered a Jetbeam BC40 on Dec 26th and it still hasn't shipped. I was told it will ship out this week. Summer is supposed to be taking care of it. I'm not mad yet, but this is my 2nd order from them and the first one was botched. This one ain't looking too much better for customer service if you want my honest opinion. It should not take 8 days or more to ship an order.

My first order went okay, slow to arrive but I am used to that with DX. This second attempt failed and exposed the comical “customer service” they have. I was basically begging them to take my money but it wouldn’t happen. I wanted to spend $80 with them but they showed zero interest in helping me.
There are way too many other Chinese dealers out there that are not this messed up. My current fav is Manafont. They ship fast and actually seem to be a legit company. Their prices are higher but it may be worth it.

I placed an order on November 20th, it shipped December 16th, and I am still waiting. Hope it isn't too late for a PayPal claim.

I ordered once, waited 3 weeks, was told item was backordered. Got a refund and never tried again.

Their shipping process is extremely slow. I placed 2 orders to them totally. First order received was more than 45 days & the second one never shown up. They kept asking me to wait due to the weather in the United States. I then waited further 2 weeks & filed a dispute to PayPal eventually!

Have had zero problems with both orders I made (with coupons, dino points and so on). Got my first light in less than 2 weeks (9-10 days to Spain, it was registered shipping tho). Very fast, buuuut... I had to wait 1 week 'til they shipped it :bigsmile: My second orded I made 2 days ago is not even approved :O My first one was approved in just 10 min after paying :|

Hi everyone! I ordered a few items from DD on 30th December, got an e-mail from them saying one out of three items has been shipped via EMS (I chose Fedex). But I checked their website, my order is has not being approved yet! Ha!

I ordered the same flashlight on Dec 14th and it still hasn't been shipped. I am willing to give them some more time since I still have time to open a case with paypal. In the meantime they have offered me $5 in points.

Will post the outcome in a couple of weeks.

Yeah, that seems to happen quite a bit. I have one order which has supposedly shipped and that I have a tracking number for, but on their website it still says "Approved". And the other day, I got a package that they shipped via EMS when they were supposed to use HKP. Well, I'm not complaining or anything. Based on past experience, they also seem to split orders now, when in the past they'd just wait forever for some item that they may or may not get.

I have only placed an order for two items, they sent me a picture showing just one of them, I told them what was the reason as it was shown as all was sent in the same package and I still have no answer.

I received yesterday the package, and don't tell me why I received only the item that was not on the picture they sent.

I will contact them again to see what is going on, but it looks like they are not very well organized.

You probably received an email from DD that mentions
that one has been sent and the next item not yet.
They do seperate sending when they don’t have everything ready for sending.
My order with 2items received in 2different envelopes but on the same day.
Just wait a few days

Yeah, I will wait a bit more, but it is a bit extrange, they sent a picture of one item, stating both were sent, and what I have received is the other item that was not on the picture.

And no, I did not receive the email saying they were sent sepparately.

Got another e-mail from DD, another item has been shipped but this time is via regular post! WTF!

The third item no stock but they gave me a gift card. No a very positive 1st order!

Where is Summer???

Do it NOW!

a paypal claim means that you get your money back (full refund eventually). but what about the shipment itself? it's not going to be shipped back to DD (paypal doesnt handle shipping) or is it?

So you may still receive the package. unpaid for. and DD loses money :(

Whose fault is that? Its DDs fault for having poor customer service in the first place. If they lose enough money, maybe they will improve their service.

true true.

( customer service. so far the chat works well. no long waiting times, good English, friendly tone :D )

Well, I have opened a dispute. If I don't hear anything in a couple days, I will escalate it to a claim.

When I had contacted DD before they "re-entered" the order and sent me an email saying it had shipped along with a tracking # and a pretty picture of a UF-H3 in a basket. I tried the tracking # immediately, and it didn't work. This is pretty normal as the number is generated locally at the point of shipping entry and not active in the system until hours later. I went and checked again yesterday and the number isn't working with the parcelforce system they link you to. I emailed parcelforce with the number, and they replied that it is not a valid number for them it is instead a royal mail tracking # and gave me another link. Well, guess what? the number isn't valid there either.

I don't have a good feeling about this.

Hmm I ordered a UF-H3 last week from them too. I got the email saying its been shipped and a picture of the item in the basket. I didn't get a tracking number, I guess since I didn't pay extra for it?

THe other wierd thing is when I checked out, it never asked me to create an account. So I have no way to log into my account and check the order status, because I don't have an account. Strange.