I think I found the best screwdriver

Exceptional feel and excellent function. Company owned by Klein.

Amazon.com: VACO VAC1110 11-in-1 Multi-Bit Screwdriver Set, 8 Phillips, Slotted, Square, Torx Screwdriver Tips and 3 Nut Driver Sizes, Comfort Grip Handle : Everything Else

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This is what I have…


I bought them in November 2020, so there might be better options available now. :+1:

This type of driver is simply a game changer if one has hundreds of screws to - err - screw.
I’ve built hundreds of computers with this or it’s elder brothers.
Nary a stripped or loose screw over many years.
It will drive a wood / drywall screw, smallish ones.
Only problem is the charger tends to pop a Cap. So it’s best to unplug it when not in use.
The newer version has Lithium-Ion batts. Mine uses Ni-MHs. Currently $70.
The Milwaukee version - now too expensive - still works. The OEM /NiCads lasted more than 10! years.
Yes - I know the form factor is weird. But it works really well for electronics once you get used to it.
All the Best, Jeff
metabo driver

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RC, nifty bit set!

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I’ll probably never use the majority of them, but with 100 different pieces, hopefully I won’t have to buy another bit set. :slightly_smiling_face:

This screwdriver is almost 35 years old.

It works better and looks newer than screwdrivers I bought this year.

This is the best screwdriver.

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The Klein looks nice.
Downside to these type is when you want to work on something such as a vacuum cleaner which has screws recessed deep in narrow hole of the housing you have to get longer shaft bits and even then they can get janky.
Have quite a few multi screwdrivers and still use them for simple things.
For uses where deep crews are not an issue, this one is in my kitchen junk drawer and gets lots of use;
Mine is older and branded Ready Retract-A-Bit but it seems now to be under different names all coming from Canada as is my orig.

This Skil looks very similar.

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Only Wiha.
I have WIHA 07943. Insane quality and durability.

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When ya gotta go deep and don’t want to spring for a dedicated screwdriver.
All the Best, Jeff

12 inchers

Or shorter
6 inchers

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Best? Ratcheting Screwdriver, Linus Tech Tips https://linustechtips.com/topic/1421360-ltt-screwdriver/

Best Value for the quality, likely Zoulas choice. Perhaps the Makita Set: https://www.amazon.com/Makita-B-50289-Ratchet-Bit-Piece/dp/B06XSP7NBR/ref=sr_1_2_pp?dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.sLGeOuFggyOQ0gYNSVMm9cd2GJNuRWny1GBLwluA-kZcFd5mZIkf6WpsOGEDeA0roH1O4l7m41Vp4a7iL2w56XNxc64WG5CK7MpOOf0n2qs5NTcEbEAhxAzZ67HJ2r41gw-rUh0veQMqOgAKu1TkZZirgkoVkOdIOlsoRcE-uEgektBBeETMzhWeAVi09m8UnMdF8YaOJys57n9vzuMLMsqkOz5aqgsafPwfhJvPIrYBhT90oelQXfgSq_N31UtTQu7tCDJAy2SytNv4Pjf_ooC8qopz9mp-fRYhNRRp2I4.pdjb8OsM3pyQ1g-n4YeXS3t_JQ-UYDnHTxbpFcr8irA&dib_tag=se&keywords=makita+screwdriver+set&qid=1717704948&sr=8-2

I own both, and 2 Wihas as well (stubby and regular) and the LTT is first choice.

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I would not buy anything Linus recommends. He is so in bed with the manufacturers that $$$ him.

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I hate the word “best”. Usage of this word almost always results in conflict.

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Its only conflict if you dont agree and you take it personally.

Well I suppose that is true of all disagreements, isn’t it? :grinning:

Absolutely, much the same in flashlight discussions. Good observation.

And then there is Project Farm…
All the Best, Jeff

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I despise ratcheting screw drivers. Every single one I have tried had a wobble from the ratcheting mechanism. Unacceptable.

If you are in that kind of a rush, use a powered screw driver.

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“Best” is subjective, most of the time.

With screwdrivers, plenty of excellent options to choose from.

Won’t go wrong with Wiha, Wera, Williams/Snap-on, PB Swiss, or Vessel.

But they’re not the only ones, or the only price points that must be considered to get a good screwdriver.

With hand tools, the Japanese brands like Vessel fly under the radar with good quality, and reasonable pricing.

According “best” tools.
My father-in-law was car mechanic, self employed.
I remember he bought once very expensive ratchet wrench.
I stopped wondering why, when we was working with my car, trying to replace front wheel hub bearing and the nut just didn’t want to be unscrewed.
He took that ratchet wrench, put 2m steel pipe on it’s end and I jumped on the pipe end. Voila, nut was removed.
Now repeat that with nowadays wrench.

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I’ve had the Klein “11 in 1 magnetic” for about 2 years. It costs nearly twice as much as that Vaco 11 in 1. The regular Klein 11 in 1 is only a few dollars more than that Vaco. I wonder if the quality and tolerances are the same. The magnet feature does come in handy a lot of times but it does make changing bits slightly harder. The three nut driver sizes are the ones I commonly need. I don’t know if it’s the best but if I lost it I would probably buy it again.