I think I killed my Jacob A60

Indeed it probably is. I’ve seen at least one other flashlight that does indeed have a thin piece of self-adhesive cardboard (with a hole in the center) on the bottom of the plastic spacer that sits on top of the star.

But then again, there’s possibly an even more absurd explanation. Given reports that the beam profile gets messed up by removing it, perhaps it was a purposeful executive decision on the part of some QC-challenged production supervisor in response to receiving a batch of reflectors with a slight manufacturing fault.

I haven’t checked the driver on my A60 but if its 20mm, I think one of these would fit:


Maybe add a 7135 on top for 1400mA.

Dang! That's a good find! (Wonder why I never noticed it.) Although I see it has "next mode memory" unless several hours pass. Does have low voltage protection though and it's cheap. Wonder how many AMC's we could stack up to increase current? (I/O sells them too.) If you stack another AMC on each one you'd get 2.1A (probably what you want to drive the A60 hard).

I was going to suggest using one of these from I/O as an adaptor to fit a smaller driver in a 20mm driver space. I was wondering about trying this with my HD2010, but I'm not sure if it provides enough thermal path for the driver (or how much thermal path I need). Any thoughts? This better than the "retaining ring" method? (I know this is an A60 thread, but the concept is still valid here.)


Good find, John. That is what I need. I am going to order the parts today. If I add the 7135 to this driver what can I expect with regard to run times on high for the Jacob.

Also, is it worth adding more than one or does it not work like that?


Each 7135 adds 350 mA to the drivers current.

With 4 @ 1400mA you can expect 2 hours runtime from a 2800mAh cell (2800/1400=2)

You could add more 7135’s but 1400mA is plenty of current for an XR-E and i wouldn’t recommend it.

Perfect. That is what I’ll do. Appreciate the help.


I guess it depends on what you want. If you want "max" out of it, drive it around 1.8 to 2.2 (?) amps as many of the hard driven Q5 throwers are already (my Dongrui All-920 pulls about 1.96A, the UltraOK Q5 thrower pulls 1.60A, and there are reports of A60's pulling upwards of 2.1 amps. So maybe you aim for 1750 (AMCx5).


Here ya go: Match tested at XR-E R2 (see bottom of the O.P.) and it peaked output at about 2.0 to 2.1 amps (of course that's under testing circumstances with better heatsinking).


I purchased a new driver and a few of the 7135s to give it a boost. Thanks for all of the help and suggestions from everyone. I’ll post back if it all works out once I get the parts and attempt the repairs. Thanks again.


Did you get your parts and get that light fixed yet?

Hey there

Yes. I did get the new driver and the 7135s two days ago. I have not yet sat down to attempt the repairs, but should have an opportunity by the end of the weekend I hope. I will post the good news or bad once I have more to report. Thanks.


Good luck i have not added chips to a driver before hope it works out for you

Any updates on this? I'm also wondering if this is the best driver upgrade path for this. Thanks!

Once I attempt the fix I will let you know. I actually was borrowing a soldering iron from a buddy and don’t have it right now. I’ll grab it soon and give the fix a try. I’ll post results when done. Thanks.


Any update,I dedomed mine rewired direct drive pulls 2.4a but makes a great thrower even better waiting for a driver from fastech ,then that should b it unless xp-g2 :bigsmile:

My A60 is running 2.8A with the 20mm driver from IOS, and an XP-E2/SinkPAD w/dome doing 106 kcd - gotta build another one now. Had some issues with an XP-G2 -- focusing and centering, so for me, it was a no-go for an A60. Got the XP-E2 securely centered pretty well now, beam looks good.

Update: No de-doming, but, thinking of trying it but would expect a pencil beam. Wonder if you could get 200 kcd... Not sure about XP-E2 de-dedomes.

Cool I might give that at try. No de-dome?

HiTOM E i have no way of measuring light output,i have just been out and i dont know if this means much ,but sky shots the terminator ,skyrking,are blitzed by the jacobs,i have some indoor shots taken at 1,2 and 3 metres if they might give you an idea of beam.

The XP-G throws better because it has a lens into surface of led?

A led with more lumens would performs better?

My a60 with de domed xre r2 at 2.1 amps (stock driver) hit 104k Lux :slight_smile: