I think I need a flashlight fix.

Winter is starting to wear me down and a new flashlight might give me the boost I need to get me through until spring. I was hoping to hold on until the FW3A became available but………I just ain’t gonna make it that long. I’ve got a Q8 and lots of edc type lights. Don’t have anything resembling a pocket rocket though. Was thinking about a D4, D4s or even an SP36 although its not exactly a pocket light. Anybody else who’s gone through the winter doldrums and found the flashlight antidote, let me know. :weary:

Got a D4s recently and its great. I had never seen a emisar light in person but the quality and design are perfect.

Get a D4 with the 18350 tube! So much fun. I show my buddies the BLF GT, Haikelite MT09R… but everyone is amazed by the insane amount of output in such a tiny little light.

The D4S is nice and all, but it’s not practical to walk around with a 26650 massive light in your pocket (I’ve tried). I carry the D4 every day :+1:

I don’t know if I have found a flashlight solution for the winter cabin fever. I have acquired only a few so far this winter. Got rid of a bunch that I never use. Concentrating now on only keeping lights that I actually use and are useful to me. Also got around to putting some new emitters in lights that I wouldn’t use because of horrible cold white XML emitters. Now that the tint is more to my liking (5000K plus or minus 500K) they now seem like new lights to me. They are actually enjoyable to use now. I had a bunch of those Utorch XPL tube lights sitting here. Put different drivers in them and new emitters. Tried out a different emitter in each one just for comparisons and to keep me interested in them.

I did pick up a new Zebralight SC64w a few weeks ago. It’s now one of my favorite lights. Customizable mode sets and nice tint and beam make it very enjoyable to use daily. It’s size is very easy to carry around all day. I was carrying a D4 and a few different AA lights but, the D4 is kind of a fat little thing and the AA lights just don’t have the runtime to earn a spot in my pocket for everyday chores. I know some folks won’t use anything unless it’s got some kind of ramping firmware. That is fine I reckon. For everyday stuff three well spaced modes with no blinky’s and no requirement for having to carry a instruction manual around with me, wins out over other lights.

I am guilty of liking shiny things. I will buy lights just because they are SS, Ti, copper or brass, just because they look good. I bought one of those stainless steel AA/14500 single mode lights from Kaidomain a while back. It really has no useful purpose. It gets entirely way to hot to use on a 14500 and even with a NiMh it still only has one mode but, damn it looks cool. It weighs a ton but it just looks too cool.

I refuse to jump on the FireFlies bandwagon as they continue to ship lights with more issues than gas station sushi. I have never seen a group of folks so proud to lay down their hard earned money to receive a light that literally falls apart when you take it out of the box or things missing or not working. It baffles my mind that they bash some light makers for not putting their 3000K dream emitters in lights but will accept the pure laziness of another company.

I am just really waiting on the FW3A. I hope it comes out soon. Saw the final proto of the light. At least I think it was the last proto. Looked great. Hope all the bugs are worked out.

So instead of buying new lights that I know for a fact I will never use and end up giving away, I just buy a new knife or two. Winter is my favorite time of the year for AM broadcast listening. A lot quieter in the winter, not as much atmospheric noise. I break out the Yaesu FRG-100 and a loop antenna and see what I can hear, or log a new LW beacon. I love the winter for that aspect of my hobbies but I sure do miss playing with flashlights in the woods all night in the nicer weather. This too shall pass, it will be warm again one day soon.

honestly for pocket light I would also consider Zebralight, especially the relatively deep recessed switch is good
and they are sort of almost the shortest 186650 lights you can find

the XHP50 are good output botr a dragster and also High CRI available
the milky lens types also have a beam pattern like a nice frosted TIR

I have been modding my D4 to pass the time. I am determined to make it a usable light.

My SP36 arrived today & I am really impressed with it.

Also, if you don’t have a Sofirn SP33 you might want to check that out. At around $21 I think it is a steal!! :+1:

Thanks for reminding me. I have a Amazon coupon for a SP36 that I never did use. I better do that.

My pleasure. Yep, probably be a good idea, it really is an impressive light.

I have the SP31 and the SP32AV2(which is quickly becoming my favorite light), so should I continue in numerical order or skip ahead to the SP36? The years are creeping up on me and there are so many nice lights….so little time to use and appreciate them all. :smiley:

Tough call…… I like em both. The SP36 is a bit smaller than the Q8 but more lumens.

The SP33 is a 26650 light. I really like it. The UI is simple & to the point, but I really like it. With a double click you can go to Turbo and then with a single click go right back to the brightness level you were at.

I guess…… get em’ both. :smiley:

Decided to take the plunge on the SP36. Under $50 with a coupon code at Gearbest. That oughta keep me going until spring arrives…….assuming it gets here before spring. :smiley:

Good choice… I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. It is a nice light!!

Keep the SP33 on your radar… it is a great one too. :+1: