I think I need a small self contained concealable motion activated video camera - Any help?

Hi there.

If you dont care for the reason why I think I need this - then skip the next paragraph and read the last one only.

As some of you realise I am a sailor.

And when I go to sea I always bring my vitamins. Among the vitamins I take a few fish oil pills every day.

Now there is 180 pcs in a jar. I always take a new jar with me because there is less hassle in the airports that way. I always take 2 in the morning. So I should be set up for 90 days, right?

But on the last ship the pills lasted only 58 days and on this ship they lasted 45 days. So someone is taking some of my pills. In fact they take half.

I have a prime suspect but cannot find the time nor the method to catch him red handed!

So thats why I think I need a small video cam!

What I want it to do...

Be small and concealable. Self sustained with no external power supply and motion activated.

Record sound as well. Should give a good clear image, none of those 320*240 pixel toys. I need to be able to determine identity of the guy from at least 5 meters away from the camera. And it needs to be good enough that I will not be in doubt although half the crew look very similar.

Preferably be able to stand by for +12 hours and record for +3. Save to a standard memory card of sorts.

Be reasonably priced. I dont want to use a fortune on this, but it is becoming somewhat of a principle thing.

Thanks for reading :-)

If you have a laptop, you can set a webcam up with a security software package to photograph intruders. I did this once in my office when I had somebody sneaking in and messing with my stuff.

That is a no-go. The pills are on a table in a public mess room. I have them there to remember eating them in the morning.

There are a ton of small cams on DX et al, but the rub is concealing them in a spot that won't be discovered.

Would a clock-radio be appropriate in the setting? I assume the teddy-bear cam would be a bit out of place.....

I bet it would be a lot cheaper to just buy extra pills...or eat more fish.

I'd switch them for laxatives for a few weeks and keep the real ones somewhere else. That should put the thief off pretty rapidly.

If you really must find out who it is then instead of the laxatives switch them for Viagra. That should make the thief easy to spot.

Funny, but probably not what you want to see if you are on a boat with a bunch of sailors…

Haha…I like the laxative idea!
Not knowing the situation is it possible that whoever is taking them thinks they’re there for everyone (public mess room)?

Maybe something like this?


You'll also have to buy a mini-SD card though. Total cost would run you up to the USD 30-35 mark. Probably not worth it in the end unless you want to get this guy fired for stealing your vitamins.

I say just keep your pills in your quarters or transplant it into a secondary container and keep it in your pocket (like one of those plastic containers that have separate compartments for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.)


+1...its in the public mess hall...keep them in your personal locker if the pills are important to you.

Besides if the guy doesnt like you maybe he would do something bad to your pills. Not good idea to leave stuff out in the open like that.

Ixus cameras used to have a "time lapse" mode; 12 hours on a blooming flower or sunrise. Think result was low resolution film.Anything like that in new cameras with better pictures?


I dont think I specified enough. But let me first adress the various ideas.

Pill organiser: If I dont remember to take the pills when they are in the jar in a drawer inside my cabin, why would a pill organiser help if it is in the same drawer inside my cabin? I dont work like that. Besides I work strange shifts (think completely random as in a system you think is random enough. Then mess that up :-) )

Put them in your cabin: Although we have personal cabins they are open to the exact same staff that serve the meals. In fact they are always open since a) it is considered rude to have your door closed unless you want to sleep, shower or do other personal things. b) If the door is closed, not even necessarily locked but just closed, the cabin will not be cleaned by the staff. And they will not clean your cabin if you are there unless you specifically request that. And if I have some normal working hours IE between 0600 and 1800 that is when the staff cleans cabins. So although I can keep them in the cabin they are no more private there than enywhere else. In fact we pride ourselves that we can run this system of equal honesty on board danish vessels. That is why it is even more aggravating that this happens. I have other personal belongings in other places on board than in the cabin and the mess room so if we let this slide maybe someday that will no longer be possible also? I should mention that this is the first time in 10+ years I have ever experienced something like this. Nor anyone else I know of for that matter.

Laxative? Come on. Then I just have to follow the smell? I just dont see that working.

Viagra LOL that is funny right there. However that is a prescription drug and a controlled substance. So I cannot legally get my hands on it. Nor would I know where to get it illegally.

IXUS camera. I have one of those at home (AFAIR it is a ixus - dont know about the mode though but will definetely have a look.

Last - the door hook. I have actually been eyeing that already but dont know if it is good enough? The runtime seems a little low though. But thank you!

This might be ok for a mess room? http://www.dealextreme.com/p/rechargeable-pin-hole-spy-tissue-box-wrap-video-camera-with-wireless-remote-4gb-19632?r=72454787

Thank you for the suggestion. Something like that might be just the ticket.

It certainly made me think more about it. I'm still looking though (resolution is low)