I want to buy my first zoomable flashlight plz help in this one

Hi all

i want to buy my first zoomable flashlight. well i am buying some flashlight for some of my friends from a store at aliexpress
and i have found this at that store i want to give it a try so please advise to buy or not, please don’t mined the xml t6 i will change it

Dude for $5 more do yourself and your fiends a huge favor and get Unique Fire UF-T20’s. One of the best zoomies and completely upgradable, internally it’s almost identical to a C8, infact it takes C8 pills but comes with a brass one stock. The quality is way way higher, even without upgrading. It’s the way to go for a budget 1x18650 zoomie. Otherwise check out the always popular SK68 (AA/14500) and SK98 (18650).

UF-T20 is among the favorite zoomies around here… but if you like colors… I don’t see why not?, it’s beautiful… buy according to what you like… because every body has their own preference :wink:
I build my own ( more like putting it together ) with this Military zoomie host and I added Nanjg driver with 4 extra chips in there… also added dedome XM-L2 U2 1A on nogtigon.
it’s a nice light to carry around while walking at night, literally light up the road in front of you :smiley:

any one is voting for Cereal_killer suggestion ? :hat: or i stick to that blue one :smiley: :love: , BTW i prefer performance rather anything els

A lot of differences between the one you linked and the UF-T20.

The blue, side switch, and form factor is favorable to me.

UF-T20 has the little abrupt steps up to the head which I don’t particularly like.

The major problem is quality. I have no idea what you would get with the blue light, but with the UF-T20 you know what you will likely be getting since there have been several reviews on it (There’s still a chance a poor quality T20 will make it to you).

POPlite T33 is easily my favourite zoomy. Superb quality and ability that surpasses others with higher spec.

is that military host brighter than a uf t20?

no… it only a host :bigsmile: but you could make it brighter if you install Qlite with 4 extra chips in it or I’m trying to see if I could put the new FET driver from RMM’s store into this light :smiley: 7A in a zoomie yeehaaw! J)