I whip it out at least 20 times a day...........................................

I mean I kid you not. I’m pulling it out, fondling it. Showing it to people. They’re asking me how do I like it. It just never ends.

I mean it’s amazing how often I play with it every day. And just plain use it so many times it becomes almost second nature.

I really, really like it. I can’t ever see myself ever again without toting a good EDC.

I keep mine in my diaper...

Well, unlike you, I keep it in my pants most of the time.

accidently and woke ya up in the middle of the night with a hot burning sensation? :open_mouth:

Whatever it is we know for a fact it has to be a diving light. :open_mouth:

Flashlights are just another phallus symbol. The more flashlights you own, the smaller............

Tongue Out

Don't tell ILF that...

I thought it was the bigger the flashlight the smaller…………………….

That’s only a problem for people who have one that’s easy to inadvertently activate.

I prefer them with a long run time.

I fell asleep on the couch on my side, woke up at 3AM and I noticed it felt dam*n hot around my waist. Luckily it was only a AA NiMh with 40 lumens.

Otherwise I might not be here annoying the sh*t outta ya. :open_mouth:

My David-19 has a protruding forward-clicky. I keep it in a Led Lenser holster though so it takes some doing to torch it on.

True, I guess you need a long run time and high output.

That is till I got married… I buy flashlights now…

So what does it mean if you modify flashlights?

H) :open_mouth:

All this reminds me somewhat of Chuck Marstein from Sons Of Anarchy.

Do you ever put a rubber tube round yours so its easier to hold in a mouth?

around something else so we have less mouths to feed. :open_mouth:

Thought you would slide this one by me didn’t ya!

You have a great Thanksgiving .