I3e Silver and I3S-CU - New Release of Olight Now

Some lovers of Olight flashlights may be fond of Olight’s most tiny flashlights - i3S and the recent i3e series. Finally the last color of i3e keychain flashlights - silver is here. I3e silver is available in US, UK and Japan (any Japanese here? :D) and is selling quite fast (will be in France and Canada quite soon).


Amazon.com - US
Amazon.co.uk - UK
Amazon.co.jp - Japan

A limited version of i3S - i3S-CU (raw copper & polished) is on the way to the US and should be available in a week. Brass alloy body. 3 modes. Maximum output: 180 lumens.

Will notify as soon as i3S-CU has arrived!

Good news!

Is i3s-CU limited edition with limited quantity? Or will you make more?

Why do you call the model “CU” and refer to it as copper if it’s actually a Brass alloy.
Brass has very different properties from copper And of course looks different as well.

I hoped for a moment that the silver one was really made of silver. In such a small light it is doable (less than $15 worth of silver) and with a decemt alloy it is sturdy enough.

Global total 4,000 pcs is what I have been told. Probably won’t make more just as S1 copper. :slight_smile:

You are right. Brass and copper is different. Actually I should not have called it i3S copper. It is named i3S-CU and has two versions: polished and matte version. In the product description page there is no “copper” mentioned. “CU” is what Olight has named it for though.

Olight should not have named it “CU”. It’s misleading imo. Cu of course is the symbol for copper. Do you have a link to the product description page. I don’t see it on the olight site.

I like I3S-Cu polished …I am not in US, perhaps UE persons can bought it some units….

The product description of this product will be available once product is available on the market. :slight_smile:

I would suggest changing the model name before releasing it. “I3S-Br” would be an easy choice. I3S-Cu is just wrong and misleading imho.

The I3S 'bromine'?

I am still confused.

I get that industrial Red brass is also an alternative name for copper alloy C23000,

and from wiki copper

Mechanical properties of common copper alloys[2] Name Nominal composition (percentages) Form and condition Yield strength (0.2% offset, ksi) Tensile strength (ksi) Elongation in 2 inches (percent) Hardness (Brinell scale) Comments
Copper (ASTM B1, B2, B3, B152, B124, R133) Cu 99.9 Annealed 10 32 45 42 Electrical equipment, roofing, screens

Gilding metal (ASTM B36) Cu 95.0, Zn 5.0 Cold-rolled 50 56 5 114 Coins, bullet jackets
Cartridge brass (ASTM B14, B19, B36, B134, B135) Cu 70.0, Zn 30.0 Cold-rolled 63 76 8 155 Good for cold-working; radiators, hardware, electrical, drawn cartridge cases.
Phosphor bronze (ASTM B103, B139, B159) Cu 89.75, Sn 10.0, P 0.25 Spring temper — 122 4 241 High fatigue-strength and spring qualities
Yellow or High brass (ASTM B36, B134, B135) Cu 65.0, Zn 35.0 Annealed 18 48 60 55 Good corrosion resistance

Manganese bronze (ASTM 138) Cu 58.5, Zn 39.2, Fe 1.0, Sn 1.0, Mn 0.3 Annealed 30 60 30 95 Forgings

Naval brass (ASTM B21) Cu 60.0, Zn 39.25, Sn 0.75 Annealed 22 56 40 90 Resistance to salt corrosion

Muntz metal (ASTM B111) Cu 60.0, Zn 40.0 Annealed 20 54 45 80 Condensor tubes
Aluminium bronze (ASTM B169 alloy A, B124, B150) Cu 92.0, Al 8.0 Annealed 25 70 60 80 —

Beryllium copper (ASTM B194, B196, B197) Cu 97.75, Be 2.0, Co or Ni 0.25 Annealed, solution-treated 32 70 45 B60 (Rockwell) Electrical, valves, pumps, oilfield tools, aerospace landing gears, robotic welding, mold making [3]

Free-cutting brass Cu 62.0, Zn 35.5, Pb 2.5 Cold-drawn 44 70 18 B80 (Rockwell) Screws, nuts, gears, keys
Nickel silver (ASTM B122) Cu 65.0, Zn 17.0, Ni 18.0 Annealed 25 58 40 70 Hardware

Nickel silver (ASTM B149) Cu 76.5, Ni 12.5, Pb 9.0, Sn 2.0 Cast 18 35 15 55 Easy to machine; ornaments, plumbing [4]
Cupronickel (ASTM B111, B171) Cu 88.35, Ni 10.0, Fe 1.25, Mn 0.4 Annealed 22 44 45 – Condensor, salt-water pipes

Cupronickel Cu 70.0, Ni 30.0 Wrought – – – – Heat-exchange equipment, valves
Ounce metal[5] Copper Alloy C83600 (also known as “Red brass” or “composition metal”) (ASTM B62) Cu 85.0, Zn 5.0, Pb 5.0, Sn 5.0 Cast 17 37 25 60 —
Gunmetal (known as “red brass” in US) Varies Cu 80-90, Zn <5, Sn ~10, +other elements@ <1

But for non metallurgists it is really confusing/misleading to call bronze/brass copper and vicea versa so please Chinese STOP it.

End of rant :slight_smile:

PVD version cost more.

I wondered if anyone was going to come back with that! :smiley:
It would be a little bit difficult to craft a flashlight out of it and keep it from melting. :weary: Maybe for our canadian members?

Is it copper or brass? If it’s brass, stop calling it copper.