Icon Solo

Icon Solo light now on sale in Maplin - for £19.99 or about US$32.

This may be one of the ugliest lights I've ever seen - I don't like the look of any of the Icon lights but this one plumbs new depths of hideousness.


Others may like it but I now feel the need to bleach the image off my retinas.

It does look fugly to me also but there are probably a few members that actually like the way it looks. I myself have seen torches that members just absolutely love but is fugly as hell to me.

Different folks, different strokes.:hat:

Agreed entirely!

Personally I'd not pay twenty pence for it, let alone twenty pounds. But Maplin are in business to make a profit strangely enough.

They obviously believe they can sell this at a profit - probably around 500% knowing Maplin.

They have a shop about a mile from here which is handy for the "I need it right now!" stuff. But otherwise I order the same stuff from DX for 20% of the price.

We have a few stores that do the same 'high price' bull crap here too otherwise I would have to drive 2+hrs. for better prices at better stores.

Thank god we have the internet.


The usual markup here seems to be 5 - 700% for Chinese made stuff.

I worked in a camera shop 30 years ago. We did well if we could get 15% markup - usually we got 6%.

Notoriously, you could import cars from the EU - so no import duties for a 5-20% better price including freight than buying the same thing in the UK. My brother imported his car from Germany for 25% less than buying the same thing in the UK (And it was UK spec - including the steering wheel on the correct side for the UK - wrong side for Germany) would have cost - including the shipping from 2000 miles (3000km) away.

I remember when as a kid growing up in the Philippines that almost everything could be bargained for at the open market. My mother used to be a pro at bargaining and it was very embarrassing for me. I really hated going shopping with her back then.

When I moved here in 2003 to take care of her and my father, I would take her to garage sales about once or twice a week because it made her happy. She would still try to bargain on items she saw for a quarter. I would usually say, "Geez mom, it's only a quarter, just give it to them" but she always stuck to her guns and would either get a better deal or she would walk away. It was still embarrassing to me but like the saying, "old habits die hard".

Nowadays, I would give anything to have her back alive and embarrassing me.

I don't do bargaining. I either pay the price or walk way.

And I hate to have to do it any other way. Others vary, but I walk away when they do it.

But part of the job parents do is to embarrass their children....

And I know what you mean - my uncle died at 51 - in 11 months and one hour I'll be 51. He was a chemist - as I was. Though he got a PhD - I only just got a BSc. I learned an interest in it from him. Learned a lot more too from him - he died (December 25th 1978) when I was 18.

He was chief scientist on a very controversial project here (http://www.acigawis.co.uk/smoking_beagles_at_ici.htm for a very biassed view) - he ended up on the news a lot in the mid 70's. And there were a lot of demonstrations outside the factory the demonstrators thought he worked in. Pity the place that the demonstrators were upset about was 100km away.

I'd give pretty much everything to have him back. He'd have been 83 the day before my 50th birthday. All the chemistry I actually learned, I learned from him. And I have a degree in chemistry. And he died when I'd just finished the first semester. Let's not talk about how badly the University of Edinburgh (and I - actually more I than the Uni) failed.

A couple of years after the university threw me out, I worked as a teacher in Zambia. I ordered some molecular models from where I'd been a student. The reply came addressed to the Rev. Dr. Don Meston (Both of the titles were wrong - I'm still (32 years later) not a Rev. or a Dr.). Someone must have passed this to my advisor - I later learned he'd died of a heart attack about the time I'd put in an order...

Best not to speculate.......

To me its not attractive, but its not the ugliest light i've seen. I guess I can appreciate Icon for going a different route in their design with their lights :)

If you can link to pictures of uglier lights I want to know!.......

Please do let me see the pics!

Sounds like the title of a new thread or 2:

Pictures of flashlights that you think is ugly.


Pictures of flashlights that you think looks cool.

I thought I was the only one who hated the looks of these Icon lights. They look outdated and cheap.

I believe the former designer for Surefire is responsible for the Icons.

how do you really feel about the looks of this light? don't be subtle...

how do you really feel about the looks of this light? don't be subtle...

Does it qualify? :D