Ideal Test Pro Multimeter True RMS 61-361 61-342 - SHIPPING UPDATE

This DMM can be had for approximately $42 shipped to the continental US. According to the $100 shootout it has a value of $82. The seller indicates that 95 units are available as of today.

The Dave Jones review can be found here:

Dave Jones reports that the temperature probe is inoperative. Mine works, but I have not used it enough to verify total functionality.


Half price
Worldwide shipping (Sorry, no Africa, Australia, Russian Federation) Edit 01/13/2013 See post #4
True RMS


It’s not a Fluke.

I have been lurking for a while and want to thank the members for all their input, which has been helpful to me.

I have this DMM and it is great! It can measure pwm and duty cycle (% of time light is on/brightness compared to high) and I can verify the thermocouple does work fairly well. It tends to take about a minute to adjust to the temperature due to the metal sleeve, but once that happens it is very accurate.

47.95$ for shipping ? Unbelievably…

I checked the post office price. I too was amazed. In fairness to the seller, this is the lowest shipping price that shows up at

The USPS web site shows this as the least expensive shipping to Croatia.
Priority Mail® International Medium Flat Rate Box
Expected Delivery6 - 10 business days Post Office Price$47.95 Online Price$47.95

So the seller is not marking up the shipping price. In fact, when you consider that the seller has to do a customs form, it is more work for no more pay.

The total price to Croatia would be 48 plus 36 equals $84, which may be yet cheaper than you can buy the item locally.

Again, I too am shocked and amazed!

The seller is looking to ship the package in a Priority Mail® International Medium Flat Rate Box. This does cost $47.95 to most international destinations.

However, if the seller ships in his own box by First-Class Mail® International Parcel, this shipping cost can be reduced to $17.88. This information is from the website for a 2 pound package. The problem is that the Priority Mail box is bigger and can contain up to 20 pounds, so the shipping cost is higher.

The next two lines are pasted from, with a destination of Croatia.
First-Class Mail® International Parcel
Expected DeliveryVaries by destination Post Office Price$17.88

I say this because I bought this meter from this seller and the shipping weight was 2 pounds. I still have the box. The size is 4.375 inches by 6.375 inches, by 10.25 inches.

If you want this meter at an international shipping price of $17.88, you should ask the seller if he will ship it to you in a smaller box by First-Class Mail® International Parcel. I would think this will work.

I’m just trying to help our international members. Feel free to paste my comments in your question to the seller.

Ouch! The postal rate increase this week has changed the price upwards for international shipping. If the seller pays online at, the price is $21.74. If the seller takes the package to the post office, the price is $24.15.

I see that the Ebay site reflects the higher price for a medium flat rate box. That option is now $59.95, but as I mentioned in post #4, a better price is available.

I just bought this for $35 shipped, hope everything is as described and it’s not some cheap knock off.


Thanks. Do you know if this comes with all of the leads, like the temp probe, etc.?

I have no idea since it doesn’t say anything on the ebay page and the manufacturers page only lists “tests leads included”.

The review for the cheaper unit seems to indicate that it brings the temp leads, so I can only assume that the more expensive unit does to.

The vendor asval linked shows the same blister pack as the OP vendor. If the item is indeed “brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging”, the leads should be there.

Don’t quote me. However, I am not positive, given the nature of commerce. :wink:

Thanks asval and Wilson!

Nice find and info Wilson, scaru, and asval. Bought one from asval’s find. Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:


Mine arrived today, and it does include the probes, including the temp probe.

The thing is HUGE though :)!