Ideas for a “dream” cell storage solution

Hello everyone, new member here. BLF is awesome!

Like everyone on here, I have a lot of rechargeable batteries in all different sizes. 10440, 14500, 16340, 18350, 18650, 21700, 26350 and 26650. and variations of each type - button, flat, etc

I’m looking for an incredible battery organizer / storage solution. All the ones I’m finding are for AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V

I’m leaning toward some sort of Pelican-style case with custom foam

Cost isn’t an issue… would love any thoughts & advice


I think most of us have made use of cases like that for multi-sized cell storage. I can’t think of a single case that would ideally hold all those different sized cells, or allow enough spots for the cells you have more than another. Too many variations. I don’t know if there would be enough demand for a company to design and manufacture one. Maybe though, you never know. I make around the hobby stores and arts and craft stores with the wife and find boxes and foam inserts that I can use. In a pinch I can fit probably 4 or 5 of each sized cell for travel. I have to admit to not being much of a traveler though. When I do I just pick a few lights with the same sized cell and hit the road.

I have a huge padded case a friend gave me from a Smith and Wesson 500 magnum revolver he bought new. I carved out spots for all the different sized cells. It’s big and heavy but it will sure tote some cells around. I’m sure they aren’t cheap and I wouldn’t have it if it wasn’t given to me.

Let us know what you come up with.