IF 22A Switch question

Recently picked up an IF22A for a gift. (Now that I have moved to the city I really have no need for this light.) First I have to echo the praise for this light! Truly an amazing light in such a small package. First TIR thrower and it is very useful and interesting.

In my testing (playing;-) discovered some anomalies with the switch that make me question if I should give it as a gift or if there is something perhaps that I can do to fix it before giving. Perhaps someone with more experience can shed some light on this or offer suggestions for me.

It almost seems like one can confuse or get ahead of the light. Seems like if you just turn it on and off things are fine. Ramping can be a bit unpredictable but typically works. However, if you ramp up and down quickly trying to find the perfect level for example, sometime it will interpret a click as a double click and go to turbo or when you click and hold to reverse the ramp it will turn the light off. Had a few instances where the light did not want to turn off and had to unscrew the tail cap. Sometimes double clicking to go to turbo will just turn the light on and off. Seems to work quite a bit better if you wait more than a second between actions. Am wondering if it is possible that there is a little piece of debris in the contacts or something? Think I’m going to try pulling the battery and just pressing the switch a whole bunch of times to try to work whatever might be going on with the contacts the chance to resolve itself. Could that hurt anything?

As it stands right now I’m not so sure that I want to give the light as a gift. This should be an amazing thing and not something to spread frustration. OTOH, with more typical use I’m not sure the problems with even manifest. What do you think?

Sorry I cannot help very much, except by describing how my IF22A functions (I have two and both function identically):

I cannot replicate those issues on either of my lights. I have to double click very quickly to switch to Turbo mode.

For some reason unknown to me, whomever designed the Sofirn user interface decided that when the light is in Turbo mode, double clicking switches the light to Moonlight mode, which can be mistaken for being OFF if there is any ambient light. This confused me at first because my preference is that while in Turbo mode, one click should turn the light OFF and double clicking should return the light to the previous mode.

My initial intention was to gift one of my two IF22A lights, but I like them so much that I am keeping both for now, just wish they had an Anduril-2 user interface with an illuminated switch that would be easier to locate in the dark.