If money were no object. If only!

If money wasn't an issue, (Which it certainly is for me) what would you want to buy?

I'm inclined to exclude most $100+ lights as I'd be scared to use them.

So under $100 lights, what would you like?

For me, one of the SC or H51 Zebralights. I have an H50 and it is excellent.

A Nitecore D10 or D11 sounds really nice.

The Fenix TK-35 appeals to me in a sort of warped way. That is probably the most expensive one on my list.

I probably will end up buying another Trustfire F22 to replace the much-loved one lost in Lanarkshire, so I'll not put that on the list.

Come on folks - what are your aspirational lights?

My supreme object of lust, the Xeno Cube. I might even save up enough to pay for one!

But i might not.

TK35 is really an ergonomic light to carry arround. Shorter than most 2xbattery lights, forward clicky, no strobe and strobe modes well seperated, tailstands. I bought mine for $100 from hkequipment. Not a huge step thinking of all those 10x $20 lights I had before this.

OK, that one is on the lust list too...

"I'm inclined to exclude most $100+ lights as I'd be scared to use them."

Scared?? Why?

If money wouldn't matter, I would get the TK45. It costs around 140, but uses 8xAA, so I would have to buy some more and a descent charger.. I love it because it is big, and i just love the triple reflector

Because I'd lose or break them.

Breaking or losing a $20 light is no big deal. OK it costs me well over $100 to fill my car's fuel tank but that's another story. The UK has some of the most expensive petrol anywhere.

I have to think out where I drive.

When I went to GoingGear's store I got to play with a Sunwayman M10A and that was a really nice light. Forward clicky, modes can be chosen by turning the control ring (which had a great feel to it, with light stops at each setting). I've always thought the modes should be separate from the clicky. Only deal breaker was it wasn't neutral and wouldn't take 14500's for extra brightness. But the V10R accepts 14500's, so I would probably give up the neutral LED and take the V10R. If they came out with a neutral V10R, I would probably buy it.

TK35 would be good, but it is really bigger than I want to carry around. Plus it just looks kind of ugly to me, though I haven't seen one in person. I do like the separate power and mode buttons, both located near your thumb.

Mmm... SC51, maybe. I'd love to see a light put out 200+ lumens on a AA NiMH battery. That's about it, though, I don't really have any mission-critical uses for lights. I just really like them.

I think if i had a TK-45, I would loose or brake a leg or an arm before the light :P

+approximately 15 billion.

200lm from an NiMH if not an alkaline ought to be doable now. Closest I have is the EastwardYJ J09 at around 165. The more recent ones with XP-G's ought to do this.

If I needed a light at work, I'd be issued with one. Which is not about to happen. And is also why there are about 18 of them in my work bag. OK two of them are being posted in the morning.

There was a rant here, but i just deleted it.

The UI on the Zebras is about as perfect as it gets with fixed modes. 6 modes - all brightnesses but no strobes. Highest high and lowest low on this planet on AAs. Every mode accessible from "light off"-status.

How good are you at removing threadlock and unsoldering/resoldering wires. Ive taken the head apart on mine with extreme difficulty and damage, but managed to put in a R4 4C tint XP-G and its soo pretty now. Still too doughnutty for me, but the output on RCR is crazy, feels like its doubled over a normal 130 from AA.

The past week I've found myself drooling over the Nitecore D11. To me, it is perfection in design. Just a gorgeous light. The other light I've been eyeing up is the Fenix TK-35 :)

If I pay that much for a light, I want it to be the light I want, not a host for modding. At least that's what I say now. I don't think Sunwayman will ever have a neutral light. There aren't many companies that do neutrals and they mostly do it in communication with CPF people. Since Sunwayman doesn't communicate, I doubt they'd do neutrals. The only possibility would be if some of their retailers push for it (assuming they are communicating with them). It doesn't seem that hard to me: order some neutrals and one day instead of installing the regular LED's at the factory, just do the neutrals. Make 100 or 200 and see how they do.

Sunwayman M20C. Clean, attractive design and very compact for 18650 flashlight with selector ring (almost the same size as WF-501B). Even not so expensive ($66 at Solarforce Store).


I would love to have a Zebralight SC51 because I don't have anything like it.........yet. From all the reviews about it, you just can't go wrong.

I would also love to have a Fenix TK45 but since I already have the TK40 it just doesn't make sense but I'd still love to have one. It just looks so different and very cool. Another thing I love about them is because they use 8*AA only because I have tons and tons of AA's.

I do want a whole lot more but I'll stick with these for now.

What about new Klarus Light?

I like the Klarus UI. Haven't heard many reviews on those though.

The new Lumintop TerminatorX is a beautifully-made flashlight that puts out a ton of light. At just under US$100, it's the one for me .

I should know, I have one (hee hee ). Out of about 20+ lights I have owned (many given away/sold off already), it's my favourite... so far.

Feel free to rant away Don.


Like a lot of others top of my list is the TK-35, I'm sure if money were no object I'd manage to think of some others :P