If only this claim was true

Now here’s some rather misleading marketing

8000 lumens from 3 AAA batteries -


Wait… get this one, 200lm more and only $3.90 shipped!!


If you order one of those grab some of these while your at it.
Should make a good make believe pair.

great “truthful” offers abound lol

Thanks for the laughs

What, that’s all the mAh you got???

Here ya go…

Just get the whole package right here… 6000lm / 8000mAh


That to high. I can get good battery less expensive.

I wish they could fine those companies that deliberately use false advertising like that

I agree or shut them down, I know several people that went out and spent $10-$20 to get what they thought was a high lumen light only to recieve a cheap $2.99 clone.

To be fair, I’ve see some non-english sites where they really did mean to type 800 and goofed and typed 8000. But yeah, most of that really does make me laugh.
I’m working on a “Real World Review” of a headlamp that made those sorts of claims right now. Much to my surprise it’s turning out to be a pretty decent headlamp, but no 8000 lumen barn burner.

Some light make outrageous claims… and then turn out to be okay and I find myself wondering why the manufacturers aren’t just proud of what their light ACTUALLY does
(case in point)

Well, I think that’ll be a good match for those “6800mah” ultrafire 18650’s

Edit: Forgot the smileys. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Do 18650 false claims max out at 9900mah?

(I think that's the highest I've seen.)

Looks like GTL managed to squeeze out a few more milliamps (not really):

But GIF seem to be the real winner:

12 000 mah, now that’s impressive :person_facepalming:

Tesla should stop development of 20700 and ask for GIF’s help. :wink:

I think they meant to put a decimal after the zero 120.00mah but someone in the printing department didn’t do their job. :rage: