If you can only have 2 flashlights, which one would you keep?

Just wondering.. if you have to start all over again with this hobby, and can only allowed 2 flashlights

which one would you buy or keep?

i'll probably choose firefox III and nitecore EA4 ( probably because it is easier to find the batteries from shops around the corner)

JetBeam PA40

Romisen RC-G2

I have a EA4 ordered but don’t have it yet so I’m not sure if Ill prefer it or discover things I don’t like about it.

I know my PA40 will be #1 for a very long time though.

EA4 and TK75

Shall we set a $ amount for us budget minded?


dry and sipik sk68

Jetbeam PA40 and modded 2x 18650 2500lm monster

Something with a moonlight low, economy mode, beastly turbo mode, and good spill along with throw.

Something like a TK70 or TK75 with moonlight mode :slight_smile:

I guess I have to keep waiting.

Solarforce L2M with xp-g drop-in, and Shadow SL3

If you can only have 2 flashlights, which one would you keep?

All, and then some

I will keep:

1- Something like a JetBeam BA20 or NiteCore EA4 (they use AA easy to find and have high output and runtime)

2- Something like a Itp A3 eos (use AAA easy to find, good runtime)

I think I would keep:

- one EDC keychain light (maybe DQG III or BLF MINI)

  • one bright enough, tailstanding, pocketable general purpose light (maybe Blackshadow Darth or similar)

itp a3 eos
solarforce with 90 cri xml

My modded m10, you didn’t set a cell limit…and my home built 2.6a edc18650 these are my go to lights, my most regularly used are my jm05 clone and my q5 c8 (work lights but not go to lights), again you didn’t limit cells…

From there I would buy….lots of lights….

I’d like the ea4 it appeals to me but pretty expensive, I’d probably look at maglites and mods as I do now, because I like to tinker. :bigsmile:

Tough question… Shiningbeam s-mini and homemade headlamp (running a 1400 lumen Lux-RC triple xpg). Final answer.

Can I have as many drop ins as I want? Or at least a few?

If so, a Solarforce L2M (with the extension tube so it can run 2x cr123a) and an Olight I1 EOS. Problem solved… problem staying solved; just don’t tell Mrs. Cone I could manage just fine with only two.

Too hard, next question.

If I had to choose two then it would have to be my Fenix TK41 & Sunwayman R20a simply because of the availability of AA batteries and combination of UI and brightness modes to fit all my needs.

-Nitecore D-10 w/ XP-G, my favorite UI, AA, great feel

-Thrunight TN31, in reality i just dont need any more throw

than this, love the low runtimes, substantial feel

- Really? the light i use the most (every day) is a XP-G S-mini that has taken a

beating and just seems to work, and work, it would be difficult to give it up.

Thrunite TN30 and TN12 (in possession)
Fenix TK75 and EA4 (preference)

L3 Illumination K40

The other I’ll have to think on.