If you had $400.00 for a thrower would you get ?

For $400 it should be gold plated, i’m pretty sure that is actually doable

I would not expend 400 bucks on a single flashlight, I would rather make a custom one, with a 75-100mm wide reflector for throw, and a thick bezel having 3 xm-l on its edge for flood, even doing it, I believe I might have still money to have some pints with friends.

I didn’t say spend the whole $400.00 on the flashlight !

Me either ! I’m looking for peoples opinions on throw, size, and finally the best bang for the money spent……
TN31 around $200 to $220.00
Olight SR90
Olight SR91 around $249.00
HID around $150.00
Custom SST-90 for $259.00

Wow …. $450.00 for the UT Throwing at 820 meters…… I saw results of the SR 90 throwing at 1,000 meters this must be the 2200 lumens compared to the UT lower lumen numbers …. I see a Passion out there for the SR90 but I see some Hid believers !

I don’t know who voted for the 85w eBay HID but let me tell you that they are the absolute worst at throwing.
They only throw far due to sheer brightness, but the reflector isn’t designed for pure throw and hence they suck at throwing for long distances.
If you’re looking at a HID, you want a spotlight for throw.

I have a comparison here of an 85w HID: eBay/Aliexpress 85W vs SkyRayKing, TF TR-1200 beamshots PICS UPDATED AGAIN. MORE BEAMSHOTS ADDED.

Although they appear to throw far, they’re nothing compared to 40w HIDs with larger reflectors.

According to selfbuilt the Titanium Innovations L35 HID spotlight puts out 200,000 to 260,000 lux@1m with the 260,000 in parenthesis.

I would go with custom build, maybe 5 XM-L driven at 2.8 –3.0 amps each with very deep reflectors like the ones in the Skyline I inside a waterproof body shaped like the polarion abyss.

Wish I had a lathe! :heart_eyes:

I also wouldn't pay $400 for a flashlight. I just want an upgraded HD2010 model, with a wider and deeper reflector, and a U2 bin... for 30$ it's already throwing at ~250yards and this performance/dollar is very hard to let go... so x13 the price of this for x4 performance increase? Why? At the end of the day, I am better off with an HID...

Quick! Somebody get my nitro glycerine pills i think i’m having the big one!!!

I think I’d get something like the aspheric head version of the Deerelight (forget model) or a custom build. I would be using an XR-E for sure.

People mention the narrow beam but if you really are using it for throw at those greater distances the beam isn’t narrow. It’s only narrow if you aren’t really using it at it’s potential.

M3L-T , no substitution…

I had the Dereelight and didn’t like it for it was way too tight of beam for my uses of what I want in a flashlight. The Crelant 7G5 with the collinator head will out throw the Derrelight by quite a bit and put out a lot more lux.

My vote goes to Firefox3 HID.
225,000 lux@1 meter throw
5000 lumens
Under $300
Fit in Palm of the hand

I’d probably get the Elektro Lumens search and rescue.
I like the short stubby body with big head.
It uses 18650’s, I got a lot of those.
Simple 2 mode.
Wayne always overbuilds the heatsink, and the body is built like a tank.
With the money I save, I can buy something else.

Good call, I thought I posted that earlier. I guess it didn’t stick.

Which shops sell Firefox 3?

Thrunite TN31, but then again I am biased towards buying Cree based lights.

Quad PT121green or red with an Exide to power it.

i recommend the varapower turbo from lamda. i have one and its a beast.