If you had $400.00 for a thrower would you get ?

My vote goes to Firefox3 HID.
225,000 lux@1 meter throw
5000 lumens
Under $300
Fit in Palm of the hand

I’d probably get the Elektro Lumens search and rescue.
I like the short stubby body with big head.
It uses 18650’s, I got a lot of those.
Simple 2 mode.
Wayne always overbuilds the heatsink, and the body is built like a tank.
With the money I save, I can buy something else.

Good call, I thought I posted that earlier. I guess it didn’t stick.

Which shops sell Firefox 3?

Thrunite TN31, but then again I am biased towards buying Cree based lights.

Quad PT121green or red with an Exide to power it.

i recommend the varapower turbo from lamda. i have one and its a beast.

I’d say TN31 but I’d wait some months for the manufacturer to upgrade whatever turns out to be negative about the light….

That Dr. Bill Will cost you more than $400.00… :stuck_out_tongue:

Very attractive torch and problems were fixed. Thanks this would be close to what I’m looking for in size to mount on a .308, does it have a 800 to 1000 meter throw is the question…….

Electrolumens don’t mess around ! And all of it with a SST-90 led…… Amazing !

I had a 35 watt…… And liked it …. I wonder how an 85 watt compares ?

I second this motion …….

A lot of SR90 owners are selling them on eBay because they are collecting dust in the box unused… It’s more just to show off… I need a working edc light that can be easily carried and not collecting dust… Thanks everyone, I’m getting a new picture of what’s out there and what it means to be a real flashaholic … J)

Love the reviews, the 18650 power(have tons of those), the size is optimal to edc, and mainly the power modes down to 1 lumen…. It is really an impressive torch !

There’s also another way of looking at this.
Since Wayne is a custom builder.
Perhaps he could be coaxed into installing a SBT-90 LED for even more throw.
Depending if the LED matches the reflector well.

2 new 22 inch LCD! now that’s some throw!

Spark SP6 in neutral white.

small, decent spill, awesome throw, light. Are there any serious contenders?
Well, yeah, it does whine a bit.

Man, I just bid on a Fire-Foxes ff3 40watt hid I found on ebay…. Is in the USA and I might get it for $200.00 … Is this a great light… I don’t see many, or much info on them ?