If you were going to spend up to $40 on a good friend...

...who is NOT a flashoholic, what flashlight (s?) would you buy for him?

Me, I think I'd give him a Trustfire Z1 and a 4-pack of Cr123 batteries. And keep the change.

Perhaps a Quark mini and a bunch of CR123's?

Or the XTAR WK20 and again a bunch of CR123's...

If it's not a flashaholic he will surelly like a more portable format.

Maybe a Itp A2-3?

I would say something in the aa format.

Due to you can get them anywhere and

most people are not gonna wanna buy cr123's

online for a better deal. That was the first complaint

from my father when I got him a nitecore ex11.2

That and it was to much for him to want to figure out the modes.

Xeno E03 would be great for non flashaholics, simple UI. I would also recommend the Solarforce L2r with 3 mode drop in.

+1 on AA format lights.



However, when I got mine, they had them in a US warehouse but by the time I ordered for a friend they were out so I am still waiting for shippment. We'll see.

If you were willing to spend your whole budget and leave your friend to his own rechargeable batteries (doesn't almost everyone have rechargeable AAs?), I think this would be an amazingly wonderful gift.


If a few things go more right with mi finances I may just change my gift to the ITP. Will likely treat myself to the XM-L version in a year or so when it comes out;-)

z1 but with these batteries and charger http://www.solarforce-sales.com/product_detail.php?t=BC&s=23&id=183

Ultrafire BJO8A single AA, single mode...$16.

I second the Solarforce L2r with 3 mode drop in. Spend around $20 and maybe get him some eneloops with a charger.

For a non flashaholic a couple of CR123 in a non very draining flashlights could last even a year.

My Wk25 on a eneloop gets charged apporximately every 1,5 month's. I will probably stick to alkalines in the future as eneloops are wasted in this one. I can get decent 8xAA alkies for 2€. excellent for remotes, clocks and other mild to low drain devices. Runs the Wk25 to full potential however.

xeno e03 or convert him with a KDC8, 2 18650's and a charger. (a little over $40)

I have a retiring WF-139 charger. I could give that to my friend.

He is rather technical guy so will do fine with Li-ions, 18650. He has now Romisen RC-C6 from me, likes it, but hates short runtime :(

What XM-L for christmas present? Possibly an all-rounder rather than thrower, he especially likes wide usable beam from Romisen.

I´ll leave budget open...

I am not aware of any exceptional zoomable XM-L lights.

Is the KaiDomain C8 with OP reflector considered an all-rounder? (http://www.kaidomain.com/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductId=11097) If so, I'd go with that.

If you're looking for something small and floody, I like the 5-mode UF-2100: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/3888#comment-73032

I'd buy him a CitCat AA and a BLF s1 from cnqg



Hmmm..... interesting

itp sa2..2 aa with good brightness and runtime..

Xeno E03. Quality, simplicity, power but still AA.

+1 or L2i/xpg

Don't know if your friend has NiMh or li-ion charger, but that could help you to make good decision. If it has Ni-Mh charger, give him a bright 1xAA light or 2xAA light. If it has li-ion - no prob here. Also, if he use CR123 for example, you can give him your TF Z1. But again, I prefer always rechargeable batts/cells. Nowadays, I use alkies only in remote controls and clocks. Besides, regulation with rec. batt/cells are (almost) always better than with primary.

Anyway, as gift, I would give him a good light, i.e. already suggested ITP (C7T, A2, A3 or SA1 from DD for 30 bucks), or Xeno E03, of course. Romisen (from SB preferably) could be a nice choice also (for example this one).

The Xeno might be a better way to go than the Z1 for him, thanks~

Sorry, no need to be zoomable.

These two are very good suggestions. I think there´s a god chance that it will be one of these.

But there still can be good bargains before christmas ;) I´m not going to wait too long though, since shipping takes time.