Illuminated buttons

Hi all

I’m trying to find a shortlist of illuminated button rechargeable handheld thrower torches?

Is there a list somewhere I’ve searched but can’t find

Or recommendations welcomed….?

Always-on, to find it in the dark, or only for battery status (eg, green/red/blink), both, neither, etc.?

Someone… not HJK, as that’s batteries… has a spreadsheet/database/something with all sorts of lights by feature.

Pretty sure someone who knows will chime in.

There’s Parametrek
I don’t know if they have a specific option for illuminated buttons though.

Yeh, I just poked around for [switch] and [features] and nothing immediate popped up.

The Jax Man has the Z1 which is a nice’un. Upscale version of the Cometa, which I have and like a lot.

I call it my Big Blue Lighthouse ’cause of the switch. :laughing:

The Noctigon K1 Thrower has lighted RBG switch.

Noctigon K1 Thrower

Thanks for reply
Always on as in find it in the dark in a hurry.

Yes, on the K1, it is always on. When the light is turned on, the Switch Light acts as a battery gauge. When the light is off, they act as the RGB Aux lights which is configured in Anduril UI.