IlluminationSupply EagleTac Intro Promo, Ends Friday (11/29)

To kick off our Eagletac lineup, use coupon code "Eagle" during checkout for an introductory price! Coupon code will expire on 11/29.

D Series

G Series

M Series

P Series

S Series

T Series

Nice flashlight lineup, especially the T series.

Pretty incredible prices!

Real real good prices!

Are all of these in stock?!

All in stock except:

Is the SX25L3 MTG2 discontinued? - Just curious.

Hmm…if you go to Eagletac’s page for the MX25L3C they list the XP-G2 option as cool white and the Nichia option as the neutral white in the compact line. No mention of a neutral XP-G2.

Nope, expected arrival 1-2 weeks.

Typo in the product title, specs in description listed as XP-G2 6500K. Listing fixed, thanks!

What about the MX25L3 base model?

Currently we only offer the MX25L3 with kits. Promotion date extended to 11/29.

Will you do a deal on the SX25L3 MTG2? That’s the light I am interested in, lol.

no T20?

Unless you're planning to dedome it, go for the MX25L3.

D25A Ti model, will it be available for this promotion?

EagleTac was out of stock when we placed the order.

We're trying to acquire all the models, but that added with NW versions has us spread pretty thin :P

SX25L3 MT-G2 I’m interested in one also.

Me too… especially if the special Eagle discount apply.

I've enabled the listing so you can backorder it. EagleTac is out of stock on these and we expect them in 1-2 weeks.


tx25c2 is super nice.

Do you know if it can run on high without thermal problem or any type of stepdown until 18650 depleated?

EDIT: From
There is an “energy saving feature” where the light reduces output by 25% after 200 seconds in Turbo. You can toggled this feature “off”, which results in a 10% step-down instead. See my runtime results below for more information. To toggle this feature off or on, turn the light on at the third level, and switch back and forth to the second level for ten times in five seconds.

Your setting will NOT survive a battery change, it’ll revert to “power save” 25% stepdown mode.

Bummer :frowning:

Do you know if the pocket clip can be reversed so you could pocket it bezel up?

-Jamie M.

I’ll be ordering shortly