CalvinIS back in action

Hey guys, Calvin here back after a long hiatus. I've been pretty busy in the battery and photon mines at Illumn and had to switch to a packaging/inventory role for a while. We're moving warehouses and after the move I'll be taking a much more active role again in sales and social media/online presence. Glad to be back at BLF and look forward to catching up on all the shenanigans you guys have been up to.

Good Day Calvin,

Glad to have you back, have missed you, and your Great prices.

Actually I was going to email you if you were still MIA, by end of this month.

Best Regards,


Welcome back!

Welcome back Calvin! Good to see that you are still around. Over here we are still busy and lots of stuff is being developed. I hope you like what is happening, and perhaps can even play a role in a few things :-)

Welcome back mate! Hope you stick around :stuck_out_tongue:

why are you moving warehouses?

Bigger and better location. The old one was partitioned funny and had rooms we wouldn't use at all.

how about the webchat function .. how does it work anymore?

Good to see you Calvin!

Welcome back!

Welcome back! Glad to have you with us again.

Welcome back! Let’s have more sales! :smiley:

Welcome back, bud! I was seriously beginning to wonder!

Hey there Calvin, great to see you back! Best wishes for your future business endeavors.

Welcome back, Calvin! :party:

Welcome back Calvin. It's been ages!

Good to have you back Calvin!

Hello, and welcome back!

I'm one of the lucky ones who can walk-in to shop at your warehouse. Good luck with the move to your new location.

I have been telling folks about your 25R 18650 battery prices. It looks like there is a recent thread about their sale on the “same” cell from GB on if they are legit or not.

To me and others the 25R seems to be the sweet spot for high performance and low ish cost.

We have not met but I am glad you are back.

Now how about a killer sale for us local folks? :slight_smile:

welcome back