I'm back again.

I found out about this community in 2015 and have been on it very little over the years due to work. Recently I designed a new torch and came back to share it with you.

Are you sure it was 2015

His memory ate 2 years. LOL

Hi there! A warm welcome back!

Yes, although my account was registered in 2013, I often read posts in the forum in 2015, but of course I do not post a lot.

He was here in 2013 ...but his heart wasn't really in it .

You’re right, then I got hooked on e-cigarettes.

Thing have changed a lot since 2003. We now have lights that exceed 1000 lumens. Some as much as 2000.

Have a pleasant time at this friendly forum, josn!

♫ Guess who's back, back again

josn's back, tell a friend ♫

Thanks, because I was inspired by a friend to make a flashlight myself. Just wanted to come over and share

I’d like to see that design :wink:
Welcome back! :beer:

Let's see! Getting antsy