I'm considering an Acebeam T27

I have an Olight M3XS-UT and I’m wondering how the Acebeam T27 will compare. I see it is powered by one 21700 battery. Any thoughts or experiences?

I have experience with other Acebeam lights having the same user interface. Some general thoughts:

  • The UI is great. The e-switch UI on the side switch, with shortcuts, is really versatile, while it’s useful to have instant-max on the tailswitch for quick use or stressful situations.
  • The form factor will be an improvement. The M3XS-UT (had one) is way too long for the tailswitch to be convenient to use when it has its extension tube for 2x18650, while the short configuration has poor battery options.
  • Acebeam uses a thermal sensor instead of the M3XS-UT’s timed stepdown, but the T27 will be generating more heat, so it probably will throttle in normal use on max.
  • The M3XS-UT has a color temperature around 4000K, which is great for cutting through fog, dust, etc…. Even in clear-looking air, you’ll find whatever particles are present and get backscatter. The Acebeam L16 came in something around 7000K only until prodding from dealers got them to offer 5000K. I don’t know yet what they’ll be offering on the T27, but it wouldn’t shock me if it’s 7000K again, which will have far worse backscatter than something warmer.
  • The M3XS-UT is horribly green from the chemical dedome; the T27 won’t be.


That’s a shame. I’m with you on the color temp, I guess, I’ll have to wait and see,

The acebeam bezel is quite large to carry as well. Just a FYI

This will be used primarily for K9 Search & Rescue work. Is it that much larger than my Olight (63mm/2.48in)?

Ok your good then. I thought u were gonna holster this light. It’s only 1/2 inch bigger but it’s bigger than it sounds. I have the olight and a amutorch j70 which is the same size as the acebeam. I love the size of the amutorch and acebeam. Nice big head but not so big because a single battery host.

I just sent an email to Acebeam asking about color temp, we’ll see if/when they get back to me.

According to Battery Junction the color temp is 6500k. I’m still waiting on Acebeam.

I’m considering one too.

If I can get one with about 4500K color temp I’m in. I’m not sure if I can do a mod.

I’ve yet to hear anything from Acebeam.

Well I finally heard from Acebeam. They tell me the light is rated 6000K and they may be able to do a 5000K.

I posted this on the Acebeam thread as well.

It looks like there is some sort of delay with the release of this light. Battery Junction originally posted on their webpage “Expected on 10/25”, then 11/1, now it says within 20 days.

This light looks SUPER!

Killzoneflashlights has this light in 5000k tint, I believe they are the only US vendor that supplies neutral white in a variety of acebeam flashlights and other brands.

Hit up Vinh. He’s got all the tints:


Acebeam T27 has 5000K version.


I checked them the other day. Maybe they just arrived. Thanks.

My T27 (5000K) arrived on Saturday and so far I really like this light. I need to get out with both my M3XS and compare the performance, but initially it does seem to out throw the Olight. It will also be interesting to see how durable it is over time.

NKON also sells both the 6.000K and 5.000K version. Form and design come really handy.