I'm Getting Serious On My Picture Taking

Found this camera tripod in a pawn shop here looking for curios. I figured I better snatch it. It looks about like new. And I got a great price on it.

Nice find! Looking forward for some pics.

If it wasn't raining, it would be in use now.

I wish it were raining here. Any new lights on order ILKE?

So all your prior pictures were taken handheld? Those were already beautiful shots but with this tripod and a remote shutter you are going to give us better low key shots.

Beam shots in the rain look awesome

Great way to test out IPX-8 ratings!

Well I have been looking at curios to store my lights in. But the big light that 2100 posted on here has got me thinking about getting it.

They were mostly taken off either my back deck or my pool deck or either on fence post. I can get pretty steady.

Ok you guys talked me into it. These were all taken on the nite mode setting.

Hope I didn't wake the neighbors.

Sunwayman T40CS 90yds

Sunwayman T40CS 60yds

Sunwayman T40CS 80yds

Nice beamshots. Man I really love the T40cs.

Hi ILIKE. I think I speak for all us "budgeteers" out there in saying that we appreciate all the effort that you've been putting in.

If I may suggest something, with regards to photo-taking... When you take a series of shots to demonstrate the differences in output/beam pattern of various flashlights, set your white balance (on the camera) to "daylight" while maintaining the same shutter speed and aperture.

Most guys, I notice tend to use the "auto" setting on the white balance control. Because the camera tries to equalize out the colour temperature the other parameters could be affected as well. By maintaining a constant white balance in all the shots, there will be more consistency in the images.

I hope this makes sense to you. Just my 2 cents worth.


i bought a mini tripod. way cool!


I appreciate the help. Here's what I got if I put my camera in the either the program mode or manual mode settings. When I select the white balance setting, I have these settings to select from: Auto, Custom, Fine, Shade, Fluorescent Light-1, Fluorescent Light-2, Fluorescent Light-3, and Incandescent. Now which one do I need to choose?



I will add the Fine setting has a sun next to it for I'm guessing daylight.

Using "Custom" you should be able to set the colour temperate to 5000K (Kelvin), which is the accepted standard setting for daylight in photography.



What he said, set it to 5000 or 5500, and then you will be able to see the difference in tint in the beam shots. If you set it at auto, the photo you see is not going to be what your eyes see, it will auto-adjust the white balance. Same thing with the other "auto" settings. Try to use manual for Aperture as well as Shutter, then you will get consistent exposures that will show the real difference in the light output.

If your camera allows you to set metering to matrix, spot, center-weighted average, etc, you should also make sure you use the same setting on that across the board.

I'll try to post some shots later of how auto settings can make to very different lights look the same in photographs.

And of course you also need to standardise the ISO, as well as shutter speed and aperture, in order to achieve a consistent exposure. You can base all these settings on an initial auto reading from your camera, just to get an idea of the correct average exposure, but you can't beat manual everything for consistency.

On beam shots in particular; shutter speed and aperture must be the same for all shots or the comparison is useless . . . especially with lights having similar performance. Can't use shutter priority or aperture priority; has to be all manual.

Also; you guys now have me wondering if my white balance is still on auto. I don't think it is but thanks for the heads-up.