I'm giving up flashlights for Lent

As the title says, no flashlights for me until Easter. I’m Roman Catholic and Lent is supposed to be penitential, so I decided to strike where it hurts. Well, I’ll still carry my EDC (just in case, y’know? ;)), but no recreational use. Y’all are free to call me crazy. :bigsmile:

Hey, i’ve eaten MEAT today, i hope there’s room for me in hell :smiley:

If any of us ends up there it will be a much brighter place J)

Hahaha, should have known that was coming from somebody. :bigsmile:

OK, just send the lights over here :bigsmile:

I thought that meat ban was only active on Fridays
Anyway, meat and flashlight bans are nothing compared with 40 days without sex… (Except if you are married, having it every 40 days or less is considered a miracle)

Ash Wednesday - Wikipedia :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know today it’s Ash Wednesday
in Spain, (at least) common catholic families don’t eat meat on Fridays during Lent, but do it the other days of the week.
In the past the “ban” was for the complete lent period, but rich families paid “kind of” taxes to the priest, so they could eat whatever they want.
nowadays the Catholic Church lost almost all of their power here, and most people don’t care about that rules, but 80-40 years ago, during the dictatorship, everybody was aware of these kind of things (not to mention some centuries ago under the inquisition surveillance…)

This is only on first wednesday :slight_smile:

Well, put me down for that blf meeting down in hell…

this thread made me laugh, in the grand scheme of things….

It was either that or………………Give up Religion for 40 days :slight_smile:
Jokes people !


Local news yesterday was that Australians are eating too much meat and protein. If I forego meat this friday, its not really penitential and sacrifice as I will become more healthy, have lower cholesterol level and less susceptible to cardiac arrest, live longer and can buy more torches.
So whats an acceptable penitentiary?

I love Lent, thats why this year, and every year, I give up Lent for Lent.

What’s a Catholic priest favourite song?

A. Don’t let you son go down on me .

No offence meant to the OP, I’m just disgusted with the Catholic church. Now for the hate posts, as a victim of the Catholic Brothers I feel I’m entitled to have my say.

Lent is supposed to be about self denial, not masochism

Agreed, perhaps a “better” thing to give up would be the purchase of new flashlights! Then you get the double-benefit of appreciating what you have, while also maybe finding out what flashlights you could afford to give away!

Note, I’m simply playing devil’s advocate :wink:

All I know is a couple of places near me open up a Friday evening fried fish joint for a month every year… And it’s gloriously tasty.

Fried Cod sammich with a side of buffalo and another side of French fries with yet another side of fried shrimp with rich chocolate pudding for dessert. Heck YES!

OMG now I’m salivating just thinking about it!

Ave u tried pollock? Thats even better :slight_smile:

I have not, afaik anyway. The majority of fish I eat are freshwater though. Crappie/white bass/catfish/buffalo/grass carp/occasional gar/etc.

I have yet to have eaten a bad tasting fish so I’m sure it’s great. :slight_smile:

Going to have to thaw out some fish to fry now!