I'm Looking for 3500 MAH 18650 10A continuos draw button top...


Im looking to buy 4 - button top 3500 mah 10 amp continuous draw 18650 cells… I know there are Samsung, LG, Sanyo…

Im also looking for them being at $5 each… Could some one point me to the right direction? Im in the USA…

does any one here know which perform better? The LG, Samsung, Or Sanyo maybe there is a different brand…

I think I would rather Samsung judging by their proven performance of the 25R

At 10A rate there is no advantage using a high capacity low discharge cell, better go with the Samsung 30Q or LG HG2

Well, I don’t think I would need 10 amp draw…. so I would rather have higher capacity…. but I would want more than a maximum of 6 amp continuous draw…

What flashlights would draw more than 8 amps?

Direct drive triple setups can drive up to 11A but not for long. As soon as the battery voltage drops it should draw around 5-7A. I think Sanyo GA is the best for mid-high drain. But IMO none of these high capacity batteries should be used for 5A+ draw.

If you look at the chart from my previous post, the extra capacity is only at the end of the discharge curve, where the battery is already around 3.1V. This means if the flashlight has low voltage protection it probably would have kicked in already, so even if you have some juice left you don’t get to use it.

For those who do not know: Panasonic-Sanyo, Sony, LG, Samsung do not make button top cells or protected batteries, only flat top bare cells (ready for various battery packs).

Panasonic-Sanyo NCR18650GA is very good cell (much better than Samsung 35E), but I agree with will34 anything above maybe 7Amps there are better cells.

I would go for Sony vtc6 18650 - the problem is that Sony doesn't make button tops (no big manufacturer makes button top 18650).

Rated mAh in this case is irrelevant for anything above 5-7A

The VTC6 is still too expensive (i.m.o.) for those extra 520mAh over the VTC5.

Button tops: Solder blob. :slight_smile:

7 USD for Sony VTC6 here in USA isn’t that bad. I do not know in EU.

2600mAh maybe is not the best option for flashlight no matter how many Amps.

I usually get my Li ion cells from Gearbest.
4x VTC6 € 29.15 (approx. $ 31.—)
4x VTC5 € 16.70 (approx. $ 18.—)

The Sanyo/Panasonic NCR18650GA has a raised top. (Not a button, but not flat either).

The Sanyo 18650GA work in my Nitecore P12 with mechanical reverse polarity protection
So I would consider them button top

Panasonic-Sanyo, Sony, LG, Samsung do not make button top cells or protected batteries, only flat top bare cells (ready for various battery packs).

I think that we all know what the real button top battery is, or I need to post picture of button top battery :slight_smile:

For those who do not know what button top battery is here is the picture od AA-AAA Panasonic battery.
I cannot post 18650 Panasonic button top because they do not make 18650 button top cells.

Once again, the Sanyo/Panasonic NCR18650GA has a raised top. It is not a flat top as you have stated.

The OP has not stated why he needs a button (nipple) top, but in many cases the GA’s raised top may meet his requirements.
Otherwise, options may include button/nipple top protected Sanyo GAs, button tops added to 30Qs (which are available from Banggood, and possible elsewhere), or add solder blobs.

Thanks for the info and the graph. I just got some 25r they are on sale for $4 at imr like 3.25 with blf discount. I usually buy ga or mj1 if I don’t get 30q. But now thinking should just stick with 30q all the way around. Most of my lights are dd anyway. I was thinking the extra 400 mah would last longer. But at 3.1 volts cell is dead anyway. You’d just get a long moonlight mode when the light steps down. Did get lucky with two hg2 in a best buy recycle bin. Wrapper was tore and I guess whoever owned them recycled them. One tested 2800 the other 3000.

That is exactly what I was talking about.

Panasonic Sanyo LG Sony Samsung do not manufacture button top or protected li-ion batteries.

Raised flat top, and button top batteries on HKJs images are welded by third party companies (nothing to do with Panasonic, LG, Sony, Samsung….big manufactures).

Same goes for protection board - nothing to do with big manufacturers. They only provide bare cells as we can see when laptop battery is disassembled.