I'm looking for a small and lightweight flashlight.

I’m looking for a small and lightweight flashlight. I carry my small handbag. However, the light must have been very strong. I find the best brands and models; PALIGHT X4

If the product features mistyped 830lm worth giving and batteryless light weight of 36g.

This is equivalent to edebielceg advice do you have a better product, please?

Thanks …

(In addition, this trick may be taken with or following photo really Palight X4?)

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Hello. I’m still waiting for help.

Nitecore EC11 (CR123/IMR 18350 light) - Off line now :-) 45g

Yes, the features I like. Fantastic product. Thanks …

Does anyone else have any advice?

I like SK-58s. The TrustFire Mini 01 is smaller and bright, or there aluminum clones of it that are very light. Or bigger and brighter, the SK-73 is a small 18650 light with a lot of power. The ZeusRay is is similar to the SK-73, and some examples are brighter.

I second the suggestion of the nitecore EC11. What types of batteries do you prefer, how bright does it have to be, how much run time do you need, spot or flood, what sort of application will you be using it for, and most importantly what sort of budget do you have for it?
There’s tons of good options depending on what you need. My favorites are the solarforce l2m and convoy s-series, but I also think the v11r, m11r, eye10, and ec11 all would be excellent lights, it just depends on what you need.

For a very small light that is powered by a single CR123 putting out 280lm I go with the Solarforce Z-1. Has 4 modes, no memory so always starts on high and costs only $14.99 plus $2 shipment tracking. Come sin various colors.

But my personal everyday carry is the Solarforce L2M with a XM-L2 drop in, around 800lm. I remove one section of the L2M body to make it a mini so with the XM-L2 it requires a RCR123 (16340) rechargeable battery which is perfect for me. I actually use a 18350 rechargeable which is the same length as the 16340 but a little wider and has a little extra energy in storage.

If I don’t want to use rechargeable batteries then I have 2 options. Don’t remove the extra section of the L2M and use 2 CR123 batteries or get a different less powerful drop in that will work with a single CR123 battery. But most of these drop ins are in the 280 lumen range so why go through all this trouble and just buy a Z-1 instead. But I prefer the mini. If you want to make the L2M mini a tad lighter switch out the regular hex head for the replacement L2T head, which has less mass and is lighter.

You can buy drop ins from Solarforce with up to 5 mode options. I prefer the 3 mode which is high-medium-low. The 5 mode has the strobe and SOS modes which are not usually needed for everyday carry.

These are all at http://www.solarforceflashlight-sales.com/ You can play mix and match with various parts to design the light that works best for you. And the total cost will be 1/2 to 1/3 of what other similar lights cost.

My light is a L2M with one section removed.
XM-L2 drop-in.
L2T replacement head.