I'm not a spammer

Hi all. A short time browser but with great interest. When you think lifes getting dull a new challenge has been thrown at me to again plunge me into the depths of depravity from a normal life and spending more money than makes any reasonable sense. When you tell people of your new hobby (led torches) they know you've gone mad. Am I? Thanks for this guys, I think. Keep up the humor and information like nowhere else. Cheers.Wink

Yes dear, I will be going to bed shortly. Ha Ha

"Plunge me into the depths of depravity"

Hmmm, maybe not a spammer, but something definitely lost in the translation. Unless.....

I was having a chuckle about Old Lumens, I'm going to start a new flashlight shop, when I wrote it.

Welcome to BLF

Welcome to BLF, MRsDNF!

Welcome to BLF.....love the intro title.

From where do you hail ?

If i can take a guess i would say Australia or New Zealand.

Welcome to BLF

Hi. Just got home. Its xmas. Budgeteer you are so close its one of them. What gives it away? Your from Slovenia, cheers. I have been a member of other forums and again they have held an interest and still do, but this is so different that it is just plain silly to be interested in something that is part of everyones day to day life but they dont know. its just a light for crying out loud. Benkie (yes i'm giving it away) hails from the other side of the country, and the knowledge and humor that is passed around (I think it is madix. Sorry ive got it wrong but you nailed the Aussie bloke in china that scammed the forum). Yes Benkie, I bought a torch and and trustfire batterys from your ramblings and could not be happier of Manafont without knowing who they were and could not be happier. I understand what some of the technical input is about but there is other guys here that just lose me. Thats good as it is part of the next challenge. Thanks again all and have a safe and meery xmas. Thanks again.

Hello and welcome MRsDNF im glad you found some use for my ramblings.....

Hmmm. Definitely lost in Ford. STARE INTO MY GAPING MAW!


Welcome to BLF, MRsDNF! May your depravity be stirred, not shaken...

" its just a light for crying out loud."

WHAT ??..What did he just say ??? that is Blasphemy ..

Noob or not that deserves hanging from the highest yardarm ....

(note to self ...google yardarm)

i had to google yardarm Tongue Out