I'm sure I'm missing something.......

Hi all,

I am a novice to flashlight collecting and flashlight tech so please forgive my ignorance. After reading a few post on this august forum I notice that modifying flashlights is "quite a thing". This then has caused me to ponder how and to what end and to what purpose would anybody want to modify a flashlight? If greater light output was the end object, why not have just bought a more satisfactory higher output flashlight in the first place? What is the point of modifying a flashlight when you could have just bought a more suitable flashlight in the first instance?

Update: Don't get hung up on my statement of buying a higher output or more suitable flashlight in the first instance as these are just examples of my not understanding why you would need/want to modify a flashlight in the first place.

What you seem to be missing is the HUGE number of various parameters that flashlight enthousiats may consider, light output is only one of them but there are many more like (order is random) :

  • Light color temperature (cool white, warm white and everything in between)
  • CRI
  • Beam shape (throw, flood, mix)
  • Battery type/size
  • Body size, shape, color
  • Type and position of the switch(es)
  • User interface is a whole subject itself with the various modes available and the way to select them
  • many more ...

So usually that's because you can't find exactly what you want ... but don't overlook the "did it myself" factor ;)

You could pose the same question about just about anything out there. Why do people mod cars when they could have just bought a more suitable car in the first place? It’s a hobby.

Besides, modifying flashlights is not just about increasing output. It’s also about changing tint, changing beam pattern, changing UI, allowing for different battery sizes, etc.

Modifying flashlight is to impress your peers, self achievement and creativity by turning your stock lights into unique lights with more power, throw, multiple LEDs, better heat sink with longer turbo time.

Within the last year or so there are couple flashlight companies (Lumintop, Intl-Outdoor, FireFlies) collaborate with Tom E and Toykeeper using custom firmware Narsilm, Anduril and the built is already great so there is no point of modifying.

If you find a flashlight that suits your need then no need to modify. Im sure one day you will find something needs to improve then you will start tweaking and modifying. :slight_smile:

Well…I believe these two threads can provide a good answer:

Go deep into the rabbits’ hole :wink:

I would recommend buying a Convoy S2+ host. You can change the LED, driver, reflector with an optic, add a lighted switch and whatever suits your whim for the time being.

I bought a number of inexpensive lights looking for what I thought I wanted but the S2+ would be my choice, now, to keep from having a few too many... although, there's nothing wrong with that ;).

You’ve perhaps heard the observation that “the only thing that gets old faster than computers is fresh fruit”?
That applies to almost anything made out of solid state components, like LEDs.

There’s another relevant observation: “by the time it’s hardware, it’s obsolete.”

Specifically, make sure you buy the version with the 3/5 modegroups. You’ll grow to hate the blink-on-low so quickly that you’ll then fully understand the need to mod.

Hahaha! So true.

Before, when P60 reconfigs were the norm, one really was limited due to heat transfer but now, people are modding these tube lights with XH-P50.2s!

Quote snip: "...how and to what end and to what purpose would anybody want to modify a flashlight?"

For the same reasons I modified my brain and my mind.

To get more output. My original brain had only so much output, but I modified it to get more output. How: Flashlight: New driver, or resistor mod, or swap out leds. Brain: Neuronal modification.

To make me more happy. I liked my brain, but I modified it to make me more happy. How: Flashlight: New driver, or resistor mod, or swap out leds. Brain: Neuronal circuitry modification.

To get more throw. How: Flashlight: Led swap.

To change color rendition. How: Flashlight: Led swap. Brain: Neuronal modification.

And many more possibilities. My goal with mod possibilities with brain, mind and flashlight is to think outside of the Klein bottle.

OK, thanks to all who contributed. I'm sensing that you boys get in to modding because: a) you have a percieved need or purpose to do so, for example, just to create something that no one else has, b) you enjoy doing it, c) it's a challenge, d) just because you can and last but not least, e) bragging rights and oneupmanship.

.....oh, just one last question. Does anybody know/understand the link between modding software/UI, or whatever and the Lord of the the rings, e.g. Narsil, Anduril, (anymore?) Why?

Over the weekend I built a pair of S2+ hosts bearing 660nm XPG3 and a 365nm SST-10 because I wanted to try exactly those LEDs. :innocent:

You may like some things about a flashlight, and the others you can change. Some options are rare or non-existent in production lights. Some users have niche preferences.
A lot of it is host preference. Some hosts are nicer than others, and you want to try whatever driver and/or LED in that host. Maybe add some bling (lighted switches and aux LEDs and stuff). Maybe upgrade an older light.

Why do people mod flashlights? For some of the same reasons some people modify cars, and some people build their own furniture or computers, or climb mountains. Many reasons…

I modify lights to compensate for my short comings.

Think what you will but I thought modifying was for the light's short comings

Ya Ya. The lights short comings!!!

I think the definitive answer so far is from ToyKeeper herself. By the way, in one of the Tolkien languages, Narsil means “Red and White Flame”. It was symbolic for the Sun and Moon, “enemies of the darkness”.

you do it when you get so sophisticated in your exact goals, that no one makes that, then if you can do it, you do it

me, i’d rather just not get that picky in the first place :slight_smile:

though i have certainly modified many bicycles to exact requirements, they are easier
i’m also able to appreciate my stock bikes, as well as even bad bikes
any bike is a good bike
any flashlight is a good one, too, to some extent