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M1 Abrams firing a sabot round

Lots of good stuff again … it was hard to choose.

“Liquid lace” by northbeard struck my fancy.

Thanks much!

Let’s see really crazy houses this time.

Situated at a gravity-defying angle atop a series of sturdy support pillars, the cubes give homeowners looking out the feeling of falling forward even as the house is structurally sound.

For a while in college, I was an architecture major, and in one of my classes, we went on a field trip and actually visited the Winchester House in San Jose.

Keret House - yes it’s the thin one!

Xanadu, a dome home in Sedona AZ.


The shelter will protect its inhabitants from war and diseases

A historic grade II listed Victorian water tower in London converted into a single family home.
There is an architecture TV episode for this conversion project, Grand Designs Season 12 Episode 5. "Grand Designs" The Derelict Water Tower, London (TV Episode 2012) - IMDb.

I don't know if this is real or not...

But who would want to live in a glass house?

People who don’t throw stones :stuck_out_tongue: or they shouldn’t so the saying goes lol

Mars X house, a view through NASA’s eyes - 3d printed houses on Mars ready for when the astronauts arrive.


Some of those were definitely interesting - love the Winchester House! - but this one goes to G0OSE!

That, is a crazy house.

Thanks northbeard, I think those type of houses are the future with over population and single people living in big houses. Bit wider maybe!
We had images of faster than the eye can see - so this time lets have photo’s that are done using SLOW shutter speeds (motion blur) - these can be star trails, light painting, car lights on a highway, lightening storms etc

Credit is owed to amateur night-sky photographer Syed Taha of the UK for this masterpiece, taken in his back yard.

More of his photos can be found at