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Damn, dat just creepy…

I like celebrities without teef.

Time to pick a winner.

Lots of great posts, though not a whole lot of cute non-humanoid animals.

I have to pick this one because not only is the animal really cute, but the photo is hilarious.

The baby giraffe is technically cuter, but I'm a sucker for really funny pics, so...

Take it away, G0OSE!

Thanks RC :+1:
Since the sausage dog won…… lets see some photos of outrageous junk/comfort food, better still if it’s something you eat some time yourself!.

I just have three.

(I'm on a diet.)

Gene & Judes Hot Dogs

Darn it.

There's a typo in my above post.

It should say, "I'll just have three."

I'm not going to fix it, though, because that would change the timestamp.

Lemon chicken.

Looks about the way I make it, everything in one pan vs baked or anything.

’Though I’ve lately been doubling up on liquid and adding rice to the sauce vs making rice separately and having another pot to soak’n’wash.


You’re gonna post that delish dish, and not the recipe?? Come on!!! :frowning:

I’ll have 1, 2, please. :partying_face:

72 ounce steak dinner at the Big Texan. It’s on the house if you can finish every bite of the meal within 1 hour.

This photo isn't mine, but I eat a massive quesadilla on most days.

I use 8 ounces of Pepper Jack cheese, 5 ounces of flour tortilla, almost an ounce of pepperoni, maybe an ounce of diced green chilis, and quite a bit of hot sauce.

The recipe is completely my own.

That's about 15 ounces of food.

Most people don't put pepperoni in their quesadillas, but it tastes good to me, and it's easy to work with.

It's the only food that I put together and cook.

I know that it isn't very healthy, especially with all of that cheese, but I don't plan on quitting unless my doctor tells me to.

My cholesterol and triglycerides are a tiny bit high even though I take several things for them, so I could be doing a lot worse.

Simple as falling off a toilet…

One big honkin’ chicken-breast cut lengthwise into 4 strips (more surface area, less “thickness”, more even cooking). Brown ’em in the pan, set aside on Al foil.

Half-can of cream-o-chicken soup, little bit of water, bring to a boil in the pan and scrape up the fond.

Put back the chicken and cook through.

Add the juice of a whole lemon, let that cook a while

Taste and make sure it’s “fresh” and “lemony” and “citrusy” without being “sour”. If so, a little bit of sugar cuts the sourness. Don’t overdo it, though, else you’ll have lemonade chicken and not lemon chicken.

Sprinkle parsley flakes over it. Black pepper to taste, too.


You can make rice separately, or as I took to doing the past coupla times, use a whole can of COC soup with lots more water, and dump a cup of long-grain rice (uncooked) into it. Make sure it cooks looong enough unless you want al dente rice.

I wonder if that’s the one Wilson ate in that ep of “House”… :laughing:

Ha! Found it… (skip to 2:30 or so)

Man, I love steak, though I rarely have it, but I can only eat about a pound max at a time.

My older sister's ex-husband could eat a lot in one sitting, and he wasn't overweight.

We went to an all you can eat rib place, and he ate way more than me, and I love ribs.

He might be able to eat a 72 ounce steak in one hour.