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The Fruits Toilet Paper

(Yes, more toilet paper packaging!)

Wine is good for you, right…?

A bit creepy, but eye catching for sure.

You’re the boss, northbeard :slight_smile:

Thanks much!

This time, I want to see the most extreme examples of… coffee makers!


Beep Boop Dee Bop



The ultra weird looking De'Longhi Dolce Gusto Pod coffee machine

Oh, some good - and definitely weird - ones here.

I’m picking this one from leestrong

G0OSE had me convinced that he had the winner with the V12 machine, but leestrong’s has a steampunk look to it that makes what it’s doing very clear.

Take it away, leestrong!

Thank you northbeard! :smiley:

Please share images of the cheapest / most cost cutting designs.

The Pinto

Ford could have spent a few dollars more per car to fit a guard to keep the gas tank from hitting the differential in a crash. Instead Ford decided they could save money by paying out to the families of drivers who got in gas tank fires.

Final Destination: Ford Pinto
Final Destination 2: Electric Shower Boogaloo

For the budget-conscious outdoor griller. No Webers need apply….