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Okay, another crazy GIF…

Sorry for the small image, couldn’t find another…
A drunken man on a railway line at an Essex station survived by clinging to the platform edge as a train went past.

Staff at Romford station said they were “amazed” the man was not killed.

CCTV captured the moment as the train rushed by just inches from the man’s legs.

I just did 4 reverse image searches, and that's the biggest version of that pic that I could find.

I know you said that he survived, but it looks like that guy got cut in half.

When a moped would not be fast enough…
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“Get… me… Sarff!!!”

Seems that this topic was better expressed via non qualifying (?) video’s rather than true pics (but nice ones nonetheless :wink: ).

Lets assume that the subway guy indeed survived and thus I’ll pass the baton to G0OSE. … take it away!

Wait a minute, are gifs not qualified for the game?

Thought I had seen some discussion farther upstream, but certainly could be mis-remembering or mis-interpreting.
Moving GIFs would certainly expand some of the entries.

Thanks maniakman :+1:
I don’t mind gifs, or very short videos - nothing more than say 10 seconds though. I just appreciate people entering either way :+1:
So I’d like to see some funny animals, as in they are doing something funny.

I just updated the title of this thread and the original post.

This is what I added...

2021-06-28 UPDATE:

Politics are now off-limits.

That means no discussing politics and no pics of politicians or anything political.

This is being done to prevent future arguments.

Have fun.

Surely that dog is the spawn of Chewbacca, or maybe his brother!

At least sexy pictures kept us distracted.

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I’ll pick a winner tonight when I get in after work if anyone else wants to enter :+1: