Images - Domain not registered

Hope this is in the right place.

When viewing the UF-H2b topic (, where there used to be the picture of the flashlight, I see an iced frog with the message Domain Unregistered and an Web Address to register... Seems to be image shack related.

I have not followed the link.

Thanks for the attention,


Yes, Imageshack seems to have turned against us... I don't really understand what the problem is, but I tried to register this domain as they request. We'll see if they answer my email. Meanwhile sorry for the hassle!

Hey Mr. Admin,

sorry for the trouble (I just posted to be sure you were aware) and thanks for the answer. We will wait for the solution.

Thanks for posting these issues! Sometimes these things slip by me.

I can see the pictures. No frogs.

I am using firefox and had to do this:

1) Put this: about:config (on the browser) and press enter.
2) Look for this line: network.http.sendRefererHeader.
3) Change the value to 0.

That should do it.

juhha: That could run you into trouble with other sites. I'd suggest to use the firefox add-on RefControl.

Never had any. This procedure was sugested to me a long time ago in another forum, when I had the same problems as the OP.
Could you tell me wich problems I may encounter? Don´t know much about programing…

Imageshack sucks. I won't even click on an Imageshack link anywhere, knowing it will stall, not work, be broken, or crash my browser.


Some sites check the Referer-header for security purposes, even though it's at best idiotic and at worst criminal to trust a client-supplied value for anything important. Ironically, banking sites and some eCommerce suites are some of the worst offenders, despite the fact that the Refer-header is purely optional under any sane interpretation of RFC 1945 et al. (ie. they should fail gracefully if the client doesn't supply a referer header as part of the request). Personally, I use RefControl as well and I have it set up to send a "forged" value (root of the current site) unless specified otherwise.

For future images, users can always use or as their image hosts.

Problem is , for how long will they be there .. I used a image host that was good for around 5 years , then suddenly they were gone .. Lots of images lost [ cant replace them ]

[ I know , back your stuff up ] .. But at the same time my OS went south and I lost everything on my drive [ Stuff happens ] ..

So , what to do ? , and the simple truth is you cant please everyone , different browsers , security settings etc , some one will have an issue .

ATM I only have 4 Browsers , IE - Chrome - Firefox - and Lunascape .. Just in case one browser has issues with a web , or one wishes to run different browser settings .

i can not understand exactly what is the problem.

I dont understand what the problem is either, but I'm very disappointed with Imageshack. Let's hope they get it sorted out.

Right now, everything is fine....

Here is fixed but today I can't see the imageshack's pics in an Ebay auction, very bad ! I don't want buy frogs, maybe is for the better since yesterday my digital scope died...

I'd suggest Photobucket as a replacment, they've been around for a while and seem to be reliable.