Imalent MS18 with 100,000Lumen and R90TS with 36,000Lumen

Please don’t forget to check the ones that fit in our “normal” pockets and have “modest” outputs too, they are still flashlights :innocent: :smiling_imp:
I know you and M4D M4X will have a great time :beer:

Wow 100k lumens from a company that doesn't honor their warranties!

I am in for at least 2 OF EACH if QC are non problem.


  • 8pcs 21700 cells in batterypack with integrated charging (confirmed)

I wonder how many drivers got startled or distracted by that video.

This is why I tell my friends that very powerful flashlights are not kid toys. Not even for irresponsible teenagers like that kid sounded.

LOL!!! V54 is 33 years old! I guess he has a youngsters voice!!!

Intersate #5 is about 400 yards away

I wonder….

If I put my hand in front of the Q8, i get blinded. What happens if 100,000 lumens reflects off a bright surface? Will t here be an eyeball replacement program?

Look, I have no problem in pushing the envelop, but I wonder if pushing the extremes will start to get political attention. All we need is a few accidents caused by stupid people to get the general public thinking it’s a dangerous problem and subsequent political attention.

Just saying….

OK……he’s an adult. But the issue of driver safety still stands.

There is no way 100,000 lumens of concentrated light suddenly comes on from their side and the drives wont be distract.

Questionaire at bloodbank goes; Why are you selling your blood? I must get Imalent MS18 flashlight.


-He has been doing it there for over 10 years. No complaints yet.

-The light is only on for several seconds

-THAT amount of lumens is a rarity as far as testing

- a vast majority of his lights are tested up in the tree tops.

-I do not think there is a lot to worry about UNLESS he left it on for an extended period of time which he can’t becuase of heat build up and battery depletion. :smiley:

The high lumen light Vinh was demonstrating in that video wasn’t concentrated. It was floody.

At a distance, a 100,000 lumen floody light may look dimmer than a 1,000 lumen light with a big reflector. At a distance all that matters is lux, not lumens.

And I have seen a lot of youtube videos of people testing flashlights, other then this one, none have been done off a major highway.

Case in point….


Even when i was testing my new toy, a mere 5000 lumen Q8, I got in the car and found an end street in an industrial area. Nobody gave me the right to shine it through someones window…or passing cars.

Just saying….

I have a GREAT idea,LETS GET BACK ON TOPIC and respect the OP’S THREAD!

You have your view and I have mine,a USELESS DISCUSSION! :wink:

P.S A lot times discussions/arguments on these types of forum comes down to EGO, PRIDE, Preference and Who thinks they are right!

How about WHO CARES! LOL!

I have a DX80 and when I use it in the winter the amount of light that reflects back at me from the snow is almost blinding. 3x more lumens with even more flood to cause more backwards reflection…

Sounds like Imalent should include some welding goggles for the operator!

I was just thinking about Spartans comments on pushing the boundaries to the point that Gov’t wants to start regulating. I definitely agree that as we reach 100k lumens there is great potential for bad publicity.

I think that our primary line of defense is how expensive these lights are. That should create enough of a barrier to the irresponsible that those who buy it respect it and keep it safe so it’s not used as a toy.

I definitely agree that the potential for accidental vision damage or fire starting is serious.

On that note though: doesn’t a highly concentrated throwers beam have just as much or even more vision damage potential?

At a distance…. yes. A thrower like a BLF GT is going to appear much brighter and possibly do much more damage than a floody light with less lux even though the floody light might have 100x the lumen output.

However, if you take your flashlight and shine it into your eyes from a 1 ft away… then the floody light will probably cause much greater injury.

Will the government need to regulate these lights? I don’t think so. There’s a big difference in danger to others between a floody flashlight and a laser. And many light sources such as professional stadium lights or theater projector lights can produce many more lumens than the DX80 and they aren’t regulated.

Now… time to get back to the topic at hand :sunglasses: : … the DX80!

A super-bright hobbyist light that pushes the envelope. It’s nice to see Imalent pushing the limits of what can be done with today’s tech even if this light is extremely impractical. If you need a floody light, something smaller will work just fine. And if you need something illuminated in the distance, then BLF GT or equivalent is a better choice.


100k lm… that reminded me this comic strip:

Well it didn’t take long when Wicked Lasers made the Arctic Spyder that shipping got shut down in the US (thankfully I got one.) and that was just under 1W. It didn’t help that they called it a Light Saber (or Sabre for the Euro and Canada guys) or that they showed videos of it burning stuff or advertised it as the “most dangerous laser in the World!” And that wasn’t that long ago - 6-8 years? It doesn’t stop folks from making 10W lasers.

I think gasoline is more harmful to the eyes and can cause a bigger fire, but that doesn’t stop people from jamming the gas cap under the pump handle and rubbing their tushes on the car seat creating static electricity, or using their cell phones, or filling gas in milk jugs in their trunk, etc…

The reality is that for 99% of us, these are our toys. Of course, as Clark Kent’s father said, “With great power comes great responsibility” and yes we are our own self-defense. This doesn’t prevent some dumb YouTube rich kid to buy one of these and laze his eyes blind; I have no sympathy for these idiots, it’s Darwinism at work. But I think we’re safe - I doubt even .1% of Americans know who Imalent are anyway.

R90C V2 has landed woot! As soon as I get my R90TS there’s going to be an R90C for sale lol

That is the best meme I’ve seen on BLF… LOVE IT :smiling_imp:

Also, definitely want one of those lights myself!