Imalent MS18 with 100,000Lumen and R90TS with 36,000Lumen


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Due to very limited stock vs. high demand I will send the final price only to people on the list.
Only who mails me to buy 100 % for the offered price immediately will get on a new list from where I randomize the order (if needed) who will get a code tomorrow to buy from the first batch. the others can place a pre-order after that (when supply is confirmed)


Hello my dear friends!

here i will collect the info about Imalents newest Monster:
(will be updated during the IWA2019 in Nuremberg this weekend)


Specs (not confirmed now)

  • 18 Cree XHP70.2
  • 8pcs 21700 cells in batterypack with integrated charging (confirmed)
  • active cooling
  • 100,000 Lumen
  • 1100m throw
  • display for mode and battery voltage


Specs (not confirmed now)

  • 18 Cree XHP35 HI
  • 8pcs 21700 cells in batterypack with integrated charging (confirmed)
  • active cooling
  • ~30,000 Lumen
  • ~1800m throw
  • display for mode and battery voltage

first pictures:

Wow... 100,000 Lumens!..... That is a very very impressive number....

:confounded: :confounded:

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I knew that the lumen war was going to get here. I thought that the lumen war might get there in 2019. I never thought they’d make the announcement by Q1 2019!

However, Imalent pushes products to market prior to them being completely QC tested & confirmed. Historical moment was the DX80 complete head recall to redesign the heatsink causing a 2-3 month delay.

100 000 lumens means what 600-700W? The MS12 was their first active cooling fan yet the airflow can’t be detected even if you shroud the flashlight in smoke?

I’m incredibly excited but very, very skeptical.

On the other hand, if Acebeam responds with a tactical nuke of their own… Will I really care enough to pay what, $1200-$1500…

In my opinion this "War On Lumens" is getting more and more rediculous. :FACEPALM:

Let's stick to the facts:

  • Imalent usually exaggerates with their lumen ratings, e.g. the MS12, DT70, DN35 etc.
  • The fan of it's predecessor MS12 is a joke. It won't cool down the MS12 enough as Matt ("vestureofblood") recently proved in his video review. The MS12 becomes veeeery hot after some minutes and takes forever to cool down again. So, if Imalent won't surprise us with a miracle technology it only gets worse with more XHP70.2 stuffed into this host.
  • The price/performance ratio is getting more and more out of control - most people become reluctant to spend such amounts of money. I expect the MS18 to cost more than $ 600 (without codes).
  • I already discovered that the MS12 is not significantly brighter than the DX80, at least to the human eye, see my impressions on TLF: ► click here

So, what will you get? I expect something like a bigger Acebeam X80-GT. For a short moment you can flood those 10-15m in front of your feet with 100.000 (probably actual 75.000) lumens and that's it. Apart from this you have to carry a huge and heavy piece of hot metal with you.

It is really flashlight. Flashlight

100w from 1 21700. I not trust them))

There’s a second thread buzzing about this light also.

Bluesword did the math:
6250 lumens per LED with 90% optical efficiency
1200W of power
exhausting 8x 20700 batteries in seconds

and it’s Imalents heat management you’re relying on to not destroy your nearly $1000 flashlight.

LOL I love the lumens war but now it’s just getting artificial. Imalent claiming a 25% higher output than their light actually produces is no different than the random crap flashlights all over Amazon and Ebay who claim 5000 lumens out of a 2x AA flashlight.

I think this is quite relevant! This was the DX80 prior to the initial recall.

Really… How safe is a 1200W flashlight from the same company going to be?

It is ALL preference. WHO really cares about a wall of light than CAN NOT be sustained for a relatively long period of time??? Even if it could it is Not practical. the LUMEN race is just about people who want WOW lights,There are some,I am NOT one of them!!

A THROWER is soooooo MUCH more impressive to see the beam travel 1 mile plus and yet have PLENTY of lumens[5000] of peripheral light……….TN42vn90. This light impresses me EVERY time I turn it on!

Another thing about Imalent that I remember is how UNDEPENDABLE some of their[DX80?] lights are. I have NO desire for any of them.

To each his own,yes,I am very opinionated! :wink:

Yes, it was the DX80. They had to recall the entire first batch, redesign the entire heat management and they had threads in every flashlight forum begging people to trust Imalent.

That was also on the back of the DN70 (I believe?) which had something like a 40-50% DOA issue

I like ballistic lumen flooder show off lights. I will eventually buy whatever Acebeam answers the call of the MS18 with. BUT!

I agree with you and that’s why I’m 100% all in no matter what for the GT4!

Cut to the part where Mat tests these lights and they only do 67000 lumens.

It's for bragging rights (marketing) and for a super niche market (?). I'm more concern with the repairability; someone on the board opened the MS12 up and members agree that it's not repair friendly at all.

LOL and it drops by 5000 lumens every 2 seconds until it stabilizes at 10 000

I watched his test of the R90C which showed a 25% difference between claimed and actual lumens.

I haven’t seen his results on the MS12. Does anybody know if this light has been tested yet?

You forgot to mention how poor is the emitter reflowing !

This is starting to sound like straight-up Chinese lumens. Like when the "Atomic Beam" flashlight was getting advertised with lumen numbers as high as 10,000.

I do agree that beam intensity is more impressive than lumens past a certain point. There have been a few incredible pictures of the GT/GT70 taken from a distance that have truly impressed me. A mass flooder at such distances wouldn't impress at all.


Once you’ve achieved enough lumens to provide usable spill then beam intensity is where it’s at! Lumintop GT4 Lumintop GT4 Lumintop GT4

LOL unless your primary goal is to blind yourself at the same time, then 100 000 lumens with tiny little OP reflectors doesn’t work.

Does anyone remember the x65vn2870!? Here’s what 100 000 lumens actually looks like! (no reflectors though so the MS18 should at least have more throw)

But seriously, the amount of light coming back at you will be blinding!

Two days left! I also will be there at IWA. Can’t wait to see the new flashlights!