IMALENT new model, make a guess to get reward!

1. If the flashlight is rechargeable or un-rechargeable? rechargeable
2. What kind of battery does it use? 18650
3. What kind of LED does it use? XML2
4. What would be the lumen output? 960 Lumens
5. What features would this flashlight have, as you know IMALENT flashlights always have innovative feature for each flashlight? output control by tailcap dial
6. If you can do flashlight reviews or you have time to take some good pictures or videos, let us know several of your history reviews or videos, you will have priority to get the chance.
Yes, I can take pictures but never done review before.

Hello, Everyone,

Game is over, now is the exciting time. We do appreciate everyone who supported our game, and wish everyone the best.

Answer for the 5 questions:

  1. rechargeable
  2. 18650 or 2pcs CR123A battery
  3. XM-L2 U4 LED
  4. 930lumens
  5. First LED flashlight which can be charged from the tail cap but without requirement on batteries. Use the tail cap to touch any part of your body, the flashlight can be turned on or off, even when you are with one or two T-shirts. This means, when your gloves are too thick, you can still use it to touch your face to turn it on or off. Press and hold the tail cap, you can get instant strobe, rotate the tailcap, infinite brightness accessible.

Here are the lucky ones, please send us email with your detail address and tel number before August 10th, or we will consider you give up the chance(, shipment will be made August 10th to 15th:

For those who joint this game, if you have interest in our three new models, you can get 20% discount to buy any of the models directly from us or your local dealers, just let us know which dealer, we will send email to them.

Thanks again for all your support. Imalent is always with you.

Best regards,

Congrats to winners, only pros in the list :wink:

(I was pretty sure that was going to happen. :))

Congratulations! :party:

Quotes from the OP:

“Before the flashlight get ready to release, we would like to start a game.”

“Anyone can have chance, time is limited, reply with your answers before August 1st. We will post the lucky ones on August 1st.”

I thought is was a random giveaway……anyway, thanks, and congrats to the pros…

Thanks Imalent…… :~

Congratulations to the winners! With so many experienced reviewers among them, I can hardly wait to see the first review!

Looks nice! Wonder how low the magnetic dimming goes? Also I hope it includes a pocket clip or that one is available.

Congrats to IMALENT

thank you imalent!

i am looking forward to play with that light :slight_smile:

Jfong (CPF)
Freeme (BLF)
candlelamp (CPF)
gopajti (CPF)
s3MKi (CPF)
mhanlen (BLF)
amaretto (BLF)
JonnyMac (BLF)
Trevilux (FORO)

CPF = 4 winners / 13 entries (1:3 chance)
BLF = 5 winners / 24 entries (1:5 chance) IMALENT new model, make a guess to get reward!
FORO = 1 winner / 11 entries (1:11 chance)

Indeed, wise selections and clever move by Imalent, certainly improves their chances of getting a detailed review. I hope for Imalent’s sake the Light is actually good great as these guys aren’t afraid to speak their honest mind! Maybe on a positive twist, we might end up with a load more independent giveaways by some of these kind reviewers; as they would do so out of true generosity and without an ulterior motive.

Imalent should be transparent with their selection criteria and save us all the bother. Seriously what was the point in the questions - was it supposed to be fun or something? It obviously made no difference to who was chosen. One entry on CPF was actually entirely joke answers (Non-rechargeable, 26650/2AA, Cree MK-R High CRI, 1467,82 lumen). I look forward to that review the most.

Then again, perhaps some of us just misunderstood the point of what was happening here…

Some people will see this post as a ‘poor-loser’ or ‘bad-sport’, but nothing can really be further from the truth. I am absolutely delighted for the winners and happily look forward to their reviews as always. The reason I felt the need to post at all it because regardless of the winners, I think the race/competition should always be fair, honest and transparent. Especially when conducted by a seller, store or brand, who by their very relationship with the customer will be operating with some extra purpose; brand visibility, store marketing, new release, stock clearance, etc.

I can see from some of the posts above that there are others who feel similarly.
Imalent may very well have lost some supporters or potential customers with how they conduct themselves. Next time please just be up-front with the purpose, don’t pretend it’s some sort of equal-opportunity giveaway, and instead simply ask for reviewers. It’s either an open giveaway (where the answers don’t matter), or a competition (where the answers count); it can’t be both.

Hope this doesn’t ruffle too many feathers; just my opinion. I’m not an arse really.

Thanks for the transparency Imalent ;)

transparency ;)


I think Imalent has lost some supporters or people to phurchase their products.

6. If you can do flashlight reviews or you have time to take some good pictures or videos, let us know several of your history reviews or videos, you will have priority to get the chance

lol. Looks rigged :smiley:

Wouldn’t call it rigged, but biased. I think Imalent entered the game from a different perspective than the rest of us (pro’s and non-pro’s alike). Which is their prerogative, because: he who pays the piper, calls the tune. But it would have been more transparant if they just asked for experienced reviewers.

@fran82: you are ever so right!

I smell titanic here, you? J)

I’m not afraid to admit that I got a bit giddy like a schoolgirl to see my name in the list! I tend to be an unlucky guy, and with a tight budget situation, this win/luck/high will hold off my addiction for a while. =P

I’m not a professional reviewer by any means, but if my mention of possibly being able to take a few great photos puts me in the same league as some of the awesome reviewers across BLF and CPF, then I’m humbled.


how many black eyes will we see during the tests? :smiley:

Double whoa?!

Charging station that charges one bare 18650 and inductively charges the flashlight? Or, because the blue light seems to be an oddly less informative indicator compared to the red, does that mean the holster just holds the flashlight while you have to take out the battery to charge in the other slot?

“Mode” for different charging currents/speeds?

Where does USB fit in?

What’s the pin/hinge for on the top+back? That seems like an odd direction for the charging station to flip up if it were mounted on a flat surface, e.g. at the outlet.

I’m so intrigued right now!

LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: hmm… From Imalent over at CPF