IMALENT new model, make a guess to get reward!

1. USB rechargeable
2. 18650
3. XM-L2 U2
4. 1100 lumens
5. Forward switch with rotary mode selector wheel.
6. Can take picture and beamshots


We still have 5 days left. Make your guess here to take your chance. :slight_smile:

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1. Rechargeable through the microUSB port hidden by a rubber cover on the tailside.
2. 1x18650, 2xCR123
3. XM-L2/XP-L
4. 1111 lumens
5. Capacitive touch switch, rotary mode/brightness change knob, battery indicator/location beacon in the tailcap, remote control via bluetooth. Oh, and a slot for a clip (clip not included).
6. I’ve done some reviews a while ago, got a better camera since. 1, 2, 3, 4

WOW!! I like the usb charge-ability! All flashlights should have usb charging function!

I promise to do a extensive review if I win one!


2.18650 LI-ION

3.CREE LED XML2 or XP-L (I can not see very well the photo showing the led XP)



6. YES. I HAVE DONE SEVERAL ( and now I have a better camera, so I can take better photos!) I.e

Hope to win!. Thanks!!!

1. Rechargeable
2. Single 18650
3. Cree XM-L2
4. 1050 lumens
5. Rotary brightness control, battery indicator
6. Can take pictures.

1. Micro USB rechargeable
2. Single 18650 battery
3. Cree XML-2
4. 1060 lumens
5. Rotary control
6. Can take pictures and give an opinion and impressions, but not a formal review.

1. If the flashlight is rechargeable or un-rechargeable? Not un-rechargeable.
2. What kind of battery does it use? A tube shaped one with pretty, shiney ends.
3. What kind of LED does it use? One that glows when electricity is applied.
4. What would be the lumen output? It would depend on the mode.
5. What features would this flashlight have, as you know IMALENT flashlights always have innovative feature for each flashlight? An automatic nose-picker.
6. If you can do flashlight reviews or you have time to take some good pictures or videos, let us know several of your history reviews or videos, you will have priority to get the chance. Sure. Check out my siggie.

1. Rechargeable or un-rechargeable? Rechargeable via micro-USB under rubber-cover. (Would prefer concealed under twist like XTAR RC1)
2. Battery? Single 18650 li-ion or two CR123A primaries. (Would prefer swappable tubes/included extensions for ultimate support from 16340/18650/14500/18650)
3. LED? Cree XM-L2. (Would prefer XP-L HI)
4. Lumen output? ~1000 - 1200 Lm
5. Features? Electronic tail switch with soft-press (capacitive?). Twist tail-cap for mode selection/rotate step-less dimming.
6. Reviews or good pictures or videos? Can take nice pictures and efficient at dismantling, assessing and re-assembling all forms of electronics. I have provided some critical feedback, pictures and narrative commentary here amongst other threads, but not yet a full-on review. I do not have any specific light diagnostic or testing equipment, so would not be confident doing a technical review. Basic breakdown only at the moment.

Thanks! hope to win… please! luck please! :_(

1. rechargeable using Micro USB port
2. Single 18650 Li-ion battery
3. Cree XML-2 or Cree XP-L
4. 1200 lumens
5. Infinite variable brightness (ramping mode).
6. Yes, Can do a review with video and pictures.

Good luck everybody!

1. MicroUSB onboard charging
2. 18650 with 2xCR123 as a backup
3. XM-L2
4. Around 1000lm
5. Infinitely variable brightness controlled by a knob, like a Nitecore SRT but with the knob in a much better place
6. I can do written reviews with photos, and will be doing one for an online flashlight store next month, but I have not done any yet.

If that knob has a stop or detent at low and a stop or detent at high, I might be replacing my Nitecore SRT5.


I want to thank Imalent for such a nice offer…

My guesses are:

1. It is rechargeable using the most common USB conector (microUSB)

2. It seems to use one 18650 battery

3. It seems to have a XML-2 from Cree

4. It is possible that it can produce up to 1100 lumens

5. I think it has a electronic tailcap switch button. And many other things. It seems to have a battery level indicator (green led) at the tailcap. Or maybe it is just a beacon LED. Idont know…

6. I can do a review if neccesary.

Now… I am anxious! I need one!.


This is what I think after watching the pictures…

1. Rechargeable (USB… very nice!)
2. 18650 battery
3. XM-L2 LED
4. 900-1300 lumens
5. Electronic tailcap switch. With battery gauge?? That would be nice too…
6. I will be very happy if I win, so I promise to make a full review with photos and comparison to others…

Thanks to Imalent and also to BLF website.

Always giving us chances to win something (despite I never won…)

Good luck folks…


Hello Shellen,

1. Rechargeable is fine but lenghtens this flashlight. For bigger lights no problem, for EDC not ideal.
2. 18650 + CR123A (if no 18650 is available or for newbies)
3. LED: Cree XP-L (Hi)/XM-L2, available in neutral + cool white, not too greenish/blueish/yellow tint
4. output: 1200 lm Turbo for max 1 minute + stepdown to 800-900 lumens
5. features: low battery indicator + discharge-protection at 3.0V, hidden blinky modes, constant brightness without depending on voltage, tailstand

best regards, Markus

1. Rechargeable

2. 18650


4. 1100lm

5. Programmable

6. Hi don’t have enough experience to make a review.

1. Rechargeable
2. Single 18650 battery
3. Cree LED
4. 1000 lumens
5. knob style switch at tailcap for stepless dimming

1. Rechargeable
2. 1*18650
3. XM-L2
4. 1000+ Lumen
5. USB rechargeable, and rotary tail switch for unlimited variable output mode from 0.1 to 1000+ lumen.
Instant access max output or strobe mode
Lockout feature
6. Yes but not in English.

1. USB Rechargeable
2. 1 X 18650
3. Cree XP-L
4. 1100 Lumen Turbo
5. Tactical button mode by button lock. Unlock button by twisting the knurled part to resume regular use.
6. I have not done a review yet, but I can try.

1. If the flashlight is rechargeable or un-rechargeable?—- Rechargeable

2. What kind of battery does it use?—- 18650

3. What kind of LED does it use?—- XM-L2

4. What would be the lumen output?—- 1000ish, maybe 1050

5. What features would this flashlight have, as you know IMALENT flashlights always have innovative feature for each flashlight?—- Rotary brightness control in the tail, which is very cool.

6. If you can do flashlight reviews or you have time to take some good pictures or videos, let us know several of your history reviews or videos, you will have priority to get the chance. —- I’ve done reviews, but not on this site. I could though. My most recent review is here: I’ve never had one of your lights but welcome the chance to work with you.

Nice looking flashlight, makes a fine EDC if it comes with a clip.

1 USB-port, indicating it’s rechargeable
2 1*18650, possibly 2*CR123A with sleeve
3 XP-L, CW
4 950 lm
5 continue variable output with wheel and memory
6 don’t have the equipment for a real review, but can give an honest opinion

thanks for the opportunity

Compact flashlight, looks too tall to be an EDC, but small enough to fit in a coat pocket.
I hope this is going to be my first flashlight with a big name on it

1 Rechargeable
2 1 x 18650
3 XM-L2 U2
4 1,000 Lm
5 Variable output with preset’s
6 No experience

Best regards