Imalent SA04 - variable tint flashlight

For me, I tend to like a 1A tint for mid-long range and up close a 3C is nice. Perhaps for photography or maybe to lend(shudder) it to a friend who likes warm light.

How long before it comes with a random tint shuffle option?

Sporting the latest and greatest in RTT (Random Tint Technology).

I am currently reviewing one.

It's a very very interesting torch. But there are some cons to it.. but will explain that in the review..hopefully the review will be (partly) up before the weekend.

I even used it as a photography assistant at a friend's restaurant.

It's great you can switch tints in a few actions..I love the light, but as I said , there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration.. to name a few, both leds aren't XML2, the warm one is XML the cold one is XML 2. Also it happened a few times that I changed output or even modes by can probably train yourself to handle the light well, without changing settings, but I think many people will have this issue at least once. This is because of the placement of the led screen.. but it's a really nice toy...I mean light.

Imalent is trying really really hard to get very interesting lights onto the market.

Very innovative.

Hey, Chibi! I'm trying to wrap up my review as well. Locking out the display screen should resolve the accidental changings.

It's odd that you have a warm XM-L in yours because both of mine are XM-L2 LEDS. Where did you get your SA04?

I will say that the warm seems far warmer than the 4000k claimed. I would have guessed at least 3000k judging from the yellow/orange temperature. I have lights that are 4500k and they aren't even close to being as warm as this LED. Not that I'm complaining, that's for sure. The warmer is it the wider the choice in temperatrure is for the user.

Oh, interesting.

Yes, that's what I meant about handling. Push the M button to turn off the screen.

I'm very curious how your light works, output, throw, runtime, as this will be a good comparison. Seeing if I com up with the same results.

I've done 3 runtime tests, and measured the output..maybe I should just wait for your review, or contact you through PM.

edit: My review is up now: