Imalent SA04 - variable tint flashlight

Just saw a link to a new Imalent light.

It’s 4xAA, with 980 lumen max brightness. It features Imalent’s unique variable brightness touchscreen interface with battery meter.

This one has something new though: Variable color temperature :bigsmile: with “hundreds of color temperature adjustments between 4000k and 7000k”

Here’s a link Imalent SA04 - variable color temp flashlight

That's clever. Two emitters with different tints, infinitely variable output on both.

late night brain edit… I’ve had my eye on this one for weeks. :slight_smile:

Some pretty major tweaks to the layout of the touch screen vs the previous line.

The beam pattern may not be ideal though.

I must have misread. I thought it was blending output between the two emitters to get the desired tint. Like only the 4000k emitter is on to get 4000k, only the 7000k emitter is on to get 7000k, and both are on at 50% to get 5500k.

If the reflectors are left and right when the screen is facing up, that should result in a wider beam. Most of the time that's better, at least it's better than a beam profile that's taller than it is wide.

I think you are correct actually, definitely makes more sense than what I was thinking. With both emitters on for variable tint it will have that kind of odd mickey mouse beam pattern.

wow, that would be FUN! Solarstorm is coming out with a nice (4) AA offering soon I am told. That’s the one I’m waiting on, but this one sure looks nice. Available yet?

Damn I wish one of these companies would sell those reflectors!

we have this light

and I'll get one to test tomorrow.

Are you guys sending out any of those for review? *hint, hint*

howdy! You have an order in for this from Banggood??? I know u already have one of these. Only a matter of time I suppose before someone came out with an adjustable tint offering. Nice.

group buy after testing?

I don’t have the SA04 on order, but I am definitely interested in it. I would love to review another Imalent flashlight (DD2R was my first Imalent, and it is still going strong as my go-to light for around the house and backyard). The 4AA form factor(D40/Ea4/etc) is something I’ve been wanting to get into for a while now.

Happy that your DD2R is working out! I also am very interested in a (4) AA offering. I passed up great deals on both the EA4 and the D40A (I’m guessing so I can get the SolarStorm)/ This SA04 is very appealing!


I get the SA04 now, what do u want to see

I'll upload some pics later.

Are both xml2 emitters on when tint adjusting?

Can we get a closer up picture of the emitters? (just a pic of the whole front end would be awesome)

What does the opposite side of the flashlight look like? (LCD screen facing down)

My SA04 appears to have been delivered today. I will take a video of the variable tint and upload it so you can see how it works. I was under the impression that it is variable and not just 3 preset tones.

I just now looked at the link and it is variable. The ad copy in the one picture even states "Hundreds of color temperature combination" It just looks like 3 tints because they can't show all of them. They just show a medium combination and each extreme as an example. I hope I'm gonna love this light but in all reality once I find a nice temp to work with I likely won't change it much. It'll be a great toy in the beginning though and the modding challenge will be to get full power to both LEDs. :P

I'm very impressed with the SA04! Easy to use, excellent build quality, full featured, and zero visible PWM.

I took a quick video on my way to bed to demonstrate the interface.

Noice. Looks like they improved upon the previous gens as far as the press & hold times are concerned. Looking forward to seeing a review on this one.

I liked the part. Very cool. :slight_smile:

It looks like the type of gadget I'd play around with to kill time, not that that's a bad thing, not at all.

Hmm, can’t see under which circumstance a varied tint would be useful. Anyone?