Imalent Store issues?

I purchased an LD10 during their Black Friday sale. I believe it was the only flashlight they had on sale at that time. It was on sale for $9.00, reduced from $30.00

Turns out that even though Imalent has a warehouse here in the US, they had no LD10 lights here in the US, even though Thanksgiving is an American holiday.

It supposedly took a few weeks for lights to reach Imalent Store in the US from China, and I was provided with a USPS tracking number a few weeks after the order was placed, along with an email stating my package has shipped. That was 7 days ago. When I check the tracking number, it shows that a number was generated, but the package hasn't yet been brought to the post office. A follow up letter to Imalent Store got a reply that this is normal, and the package has shipped. It's been 7 days so far since they say it was shipped... from Georgia to NY. That seems excessive... and the tracking number still shows the package as being in Georgia.

Anybody else have any issues with Imalent Store? Are they scammers, or does their answer seem plausible? I'm wondering if the door-buster price on the light was too good to be true, and they've decided to not honor the sale by not shipping their product. Any thoughts/experiences?

Yeah, in one of the deals threads I grexed about it, too.

I thought they were coming from the US, but now I’m given to understand they’re being shipped from across the planet. Whether directly to me or to a US warehouse, I have no idea.

I finally got a tracking number, but no movement so far.

Tracking works for shit half the time. I had an order from AE take 2 months to reach me.AE tracking said it sat in US customs for a month . US tracking never worked. AE tracking said it was still in customs when it appeared in my mail box. Be patient, it’s probably coming.

I too assumed that with a US warehouse, and a sale due to a US holiday, they would have product here. But obviously I assumed wrong!!!!

They informed me that the lights were shipped to the warehouse in GA, and were to be shipped out to customers from there. The tracking app telling me that a number was generated, but nothing has been brought to the post office is what has me concerned. I'm wondering if some timeframe is going to elapse and I'll miss being able to claim a refund from the credit card, if it takes much longer.