iMAX B6 Professional Balance Charger

How good is this charger compared to the Xtar WP2 charger? Do the batteries just go inside under the compartment lid in the front? What all does this thing do? Thanks men.

Also, how many batteries will it charge at once?

Hi mate

I submited a review of this charger some days ago

The model I reviewed is the IMAX B6, which is the same but with EXTERNAL power supply...

The model you showed is the same but with INTERNAL power supply, model IMAX B6 AC...

Some reports about it´s internal power supply failing in no time....

For me, better with EXTERNAL power supply. With external PS the charger will be less weight, less size, and if the power supply dies.... simply attach another

Forgot to mention

You are wrong, this charger has NO ROOM inside for batteries... you must attach them with the corresponding connectors

The charger can charge many batteries at a time, but they can not be stuffed inside it, you must make a holder for the batteries and also make the connections to the charger.

The charger is much better then WP2 for charging, but more combersome to use. I have written something about hobby chargers, that can give a better idea about what it can do.

Ok question.

Let's say I was to buy this one here. where do I get the battery holders and do I have to make them(solder wires to them) or can I buy them already to go and set up?

I have a Turnigy model and I use neodymium magnets to hold the clips onto the ends of the battery (the Turnigy comes with some leads with alligator clips on the end). Magnets stick to batteries pretty well. I only charge one battery at a time, which works fine for me.

HKJ's guide is excellent, so definitely read through it. I've also got some pictures of the magnets in action on this review:

There is no battery holders included with the charger, you have to make them you self.

The cheapest solution is magnets, you can place a magnet on each end of the battery and then use the alligator clips (They are probably magnetic). A better solution is soldering wires to magnets, but see the article I linked to, there are a couple of examples on how to connect one or two cells. For connecting more cells there are some threads here on BLF.

DX has the magnets. Try to get the 2mm ones. The 1mm discs are too fragile and break easily, tends to break when they suddenly get attracted and slam into each other. heh heh.... Get the croc clips at DX while you are at it, and pick up some thermal compound. Then you get past $15 and get free registered shipping.

BTW, get the chargers from hobbyking or some other R/C shop. Try not to get the chargers at DX or some other shop.

My hobby charger complements my bay chargers. You can enjoy both, not that too many chargers will make some redundant.

Can you please show me the links to what I would need if I buy this charger?

Thanks again in advance.

Don't fiddle with hobby chargers, home-made battery holders and magnets if you don't know what you're doing, the WP2 II is a much better choice for you.

I think your right.