Impact resistant + fixed meco :)

Hi, I lost today my meco mini xpl, I dropped that above 3m from a ceiling and it stopped to works, I cant remove the ring of the driver because it dont have cavitys and now I think it trashed :person_facepalming:

So, the driver broke for sure, I can hear some loose in the light head……

About impact, I always read “1~1,5m impact resistant” and think about it, the edc must have a better resistance and some light has robust driver can survive in high impacts? :innocent:

Take it apart. It might just need some solder. You should be able to get in there. Be creative :sunglasses:

Usually 1.5-2 meters drop resistance is the max you get.

So, I drilled 2 holes in the ring and pulled off the pill…. I will post pics later

Any impact can cause damage if hit just right even on the rugged lights. For best impact resistance cover ends of light in rubber tubing.
This should be enough cushioning to dampen the impact from drops.

Its finished, I cant believe which I had a lot of patience to solder all thing :open_mouth: :weary: :laughing: :innocent:

I drilled the holes with 1mm bit and it works perfectly to unscrew the ring and the pill. The body of the light its decent and the pill have a good heat conduct.

So the pics:

Here the loose thing:

And finally:

If the driver was filled with hard silicone, the drop resistance will raise alot right?

Good idea, I will try to find some stuff for that woking :+1:

Yes potted drivers are nice.

That capacitor should have never fallen off. It looks like some parts on that board had some poor solder joints. Way to go on fixing it!

So, for update what happens……

The light becomes flicker ad I dropped it again, but now from 40cm and it stopped again. I disasembed the light and see some trails in the driver loose (in the integrated circuit more especific) I tried to solder again, but no deal……

SO, its dead!

Maybe just put a nice Biscotti driver in there

I search around and not find to sell, do you know where I can buy then?

The new-model Convoy driver runs Biscotti. You can buy them directly from Convoy:

I don’t know if they’re available anywhere else, though.

yes on AliExress:

But wow that price jumped, more then doubled since the time I ordered two.
Oh wait it is for 2, well price is higher but not twice as much

Thanks, I will try that, but the problem is the almost the price of the light. I paid 9.9

This driver is strong?

I need some help with those, The x8 is more powerfull, right? It will heats the light alot?

I seem the modes and it jumps to 35% to 100% without anoter level, so, in lumens with a xpl hd, how many lumens it will produce and amount of heat (at touch)? It will heats very fast?

Well if cooling is an issue, I’d rather have long runtimes then higher lumens.
Your light looks like something I would put a 3 or 4 x 7138 driver in so it will not become too hot

That x8 in second high mode (35% I think) will produce much heat? How many lumens the xpl can produce in 980ma?