Improvised 26650 travel case from Home Despot

I have been looking for something to carry my 26650s around. A plastic case like the 2-fers for 18650s would be ideal, but I’ve looked everywhere and found nothing. I know the trick of using a prescription bottle to pocket carry an extra 26650.

I was just about to buy some 26650-diameter PVC pipes; cut out 26650-sized pieces, and somehow glue ’em together in some box somehow …. Then what do I find at Home Despot? A new display of new leetle plastic boxes. Nah, it couldn’t work. But it does!

Nicely fits 8 26650s. Latches securely. They do rattle a bit, but a few pieces of gray foam would take care of that. Almost seems like this little case was +made+ for carrying a few 26650s. Like to find something similar for 18650s!

It’s a Plano 9” stowaway organizer, model 3500, sku # 24099 10065.

Obviously can’t slip it in a pocket, but good for traveling or camping. Don’t leave home without it!

Great tip, thx for sharing! As 26650 lights become more prevalent, I definitely forsee getting one or two of these.

Nice find, thanks for posting!

I store all my lights and cells in storage boxes similar to those that i get from Lowes/Home Depot. They're awesome.

I just went and picked one of these up - exactly what I needed for my 26650s. What a great tip Ubehebe, thank you!!

Glad that the 26650 box is working for some of you. I have been looking for a little box like this for at least 6 months. No luck until this one showed up mysteriously in my local HD.

Thanks for the heads up.They have these in our local Pound shop.Until i read your post i just hadnt thought of useing one of these.I do like stuff in nice neat cases all safe and sound.Great stuff.


Hey Ubehebe, it’s a shame to keep all those cells in a plastic box, it looks like you need to go out and buy a few 26650 lights :wink: