In a emergency event...

…would you take all your flashlights with you, or just one or two that are more important?

Emergency like imminent flood, hurricane, supervolcano, asteroid, aliens or whatever, when you need to pack basic things that you need and run

I have a 4 flashlights/headlights already in my emergency kits ready to go. They’re not the brightest but have built in chargers and are stored with fully charged batteries in them along with some spares.

Run-time and the ability to charge them directly from a solar charger is more important to me than having the brightest, best UI, etc.

I would take as many as I can carry, 4 at the minimum. One an AAA pocket EDC (negligible carry impact, Thrunite Ti3 V2), one AA/14500 (FWAA), one 18650 (SC64c LE), and one long range thrower (EC4GT). Plus a few minis would go with me by default on keychains, like an Olight i1R EOS, Photon Freedom, Aurora A8. If I can’t bring a multi-slot charger, then I’d have to grab a light with built-in charging, like a Skilhunt H03RC.

I would carry 3 main ones. A keychain light, EDC spill/thrower, and a thrower.

I’d grab my multi-cell lights and then feed all those cells to my more efficient edc light to maximize my hours of light.

In the earth quake prep bag… my small folding solar charger, a single bay charger, 2 Convoy S2+ with shorty tubes, a Skilhunt H03 , and a Nitecore MT1A. I know the last one might sound an odd choice but I’ve found that old single AA light to be really rugged.

Depends on the emergency but I will probably take my Luci Pro Lenten.
Not the best torch but can lit a room and have solar charger.

Also can be used as a power bank.

Do you mean to take them so they don’t get damaged or so they can help you escape?

of course, the keychain E01,
and in the EDC bag a really
old G2Z (16 years?), but it
continues to work well
enough for retention.

I was picturing being trapped under rubble so I was thinking runtime. Other people here seem to be thinking about solar charging solutions. I guess maybe a more specific question would have been better.

Having looked at the likely emergencies in my area, the safest response in most cases would be to shelter-in-place, so I’d have all my lights available.

If I have to bug out, it depends how much time I have to prepare. There is already at least an S2+ in each car. There is a headlamp and a single-cell charger in a drawer by the door that I would grab on my way out.

If I had several hours to prepare, I’d probably grab my LT1, in addition to 1 each 18650, AA, and AAA powered lights so that I’m very flexible in terms of power source. Basically, I’d assume I will be car camping and equip myself comparably.

I keep putting off buying a portable solar panel with USB charging, but that would be a great thing to have for such a scenario as well.

If I’m on foot, it would be lightweight: AA-compatible headlamp, AA-compatible flashlight, AAA keychain light. I’m pretty comfortable hiking with less than 10 lumens, so I can last a long time on a single AA battery.

What I would do in an emergency event is search for all the answers I supplied to all the other topic threads for this topic, add them all up, and divide by 20, and the result of that is what I would do.

You take what you can comfortably carry. Now your probably healthy, well feed, plenty of rest. Two weeks after Hell, tired, underfeed and not so healthy your comfortable backpack weighs a ton. Years ago in a different job, I remember some of my guys cutting the handles off tooth brushes to make them lighter. Carrying nasty water purifying pills instead of water, 100 pills weigh 1 ounce and treats 100 gallons of water. So unless those lights can be eaten or can kill try 1 or 2 very small ones. If bugging out in a vehicle great. Try mapping out a hierarchy of equipment. 1st food and water, 2nd weapons and ammo, 3rd clothing,blankets, socks, etc. 4th first aid kit, 5th hygiene, 6th fire making gear, and so on. If flashlights are in the top say 1-8 then not really thinking it out well. My choice of flashlight, Pflexpro and a small solar charger. The same solar charger for the radio.

Small headlamp and spare batteries is really enough.

I would probably take an s2+ and half dozen batteries.

Headlight first with extra batteries. Several of my best Pocket size with extra batteries. Best Zoomie with extra batteries. No heavy power hungry lights. Travel light but effective.
Good question with a hurricane on the way right now.

I keep a few too many in my weekend/Bugout bag. It might not have everything I’d want but I could grab it an go 99% of the time and do alright. Except for TP. I should add some TP.

Absolutely on the TP. Don’t need a light to use that!

Okay we hit TP. Do you all know why Toilet paper was in high demand? Hong Kong had a few unpleasant riots with lots of tear gas just prior to Covid. People wearing gas mask would stuff toilet paper in them or under a simple N95 mask. When the TP got moist it was replaced to allow the mask good filtration for longer. Us American or Europeans thought it was to wipe our asses. Breath moist filters filter less and become porous. If you have enough filters you can save the TP for your backside. If not then stuff those mask. Those of you wearing mask now might not know most are only good for 15-60 minute before moisture clumps the micro fibers into porous worthless items. So before going out into a pepper spray rich riot put hair nets and toilet paper over your external filters.

As I understood it, the TP shortage early in the pandemic was because there are separate supply and production chains for consumer TP (sold in grocery stores in glossy packs of 4 rolls or whatever) and institutional TP (sold in plain cartons of 100+ rolls to janitorial companies).

During the early lockdown, people pooped about the same amount as before, but they were at home a lot more of the time, so consumer TP demand outstripped supply while there was still institutional TP to be had if you went to the right places. My family ended up getting and using some. Hoarding also contributed to the supply crunch.