Increasing Battery Capacity in Wireless Bluetooth adapter

Mods, please move this if it is in the wrong sub-forum. Seeking some advice and expertise. I bought a wireless Bluetooth adapter for my Bose QC15 headphones. It works pretty good with the exception of the battery life. Actually pretty disappointed in it. I get at most 2 hours instead of the 8-10 advertised. I’m hoping I can upgrade the battery even if I have to have it externally mounted. I have basic knowledge in soldering but not circuitry. If I bust it open and remove the battery and replace with wires leading to a battery carrier to hold a larger battery, will it work?? I have the following cells lying around; 300maH li-Po with PCM, 10440, 14500 protected, 18650’s protected/unprotected. I do like the idea of using the Li-ions as I can charge then separately and faster. Any ideas would be appreciated.

i bought it from BG. it will be the first thing that pops up if searching for QC15 bluetooth, if pictures help.

Stock specs.
Battery Capacity: 120mAH
Charging Voltage: 5V
Charging Method: Micro USB Port
Charge Current: 200MA
Working Hours: 8-10 Hours.

Do it!

I replaced the battery in a Bluetooth headset adapter with an 18650 holder, works great and can run for around 3 weeks or more.

Yeah, it’s unsightly, but function over form.

wow 3 weeks! thanks. i’m going to try it out. too impatient to order a holder. will make one somehow.

Have the adpater apart. Surprise surprise, the battery inside is only 60maH. 50% of what is advertised.

Damn, that’s shady.

Just think, you can put in a high capacity 18650, and have 6,000% more battery capacity!

Done! Took me all of 30mins. Desoldered the original lipo pack. Put in new wires with magnets on the other end. Using a 2800mah cell inside a 1inch bicycle tube. All working. No more 2 hour limit.